PM Modi will go to Italy tomorrow to participate in G7, will also meet Italian PM Meloni

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PM Modi will go to Italy tomorrow to participate in G7, will also meet Italian PM Meloni

New Delhi: The Prime Minister will leave for Italy on Thursday to attend the G-7 summit. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra informed in a press conference that PM Modi is going to Apulia, Italy to attend the G-7 summit on the invitation of Italian PM Georgia Meloni, where on June 14, the world's 7 developed economies will sit together and discuss important issues. He said that during this, on June 14, the Prime Minister will participate in an outreach session, in which he will participate in an outreach session with other invited countries. During this session, the focus will be on issues like artificial intelligence, energy and Africa. Kwatra said that this time Italy has invited Algeria, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE as well as some international organizations like the UN.

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There will be an opportunity to review the G-20
In such a situation, India's regular participation in the G-7 has been a sign of its commitment to global challenges. India has always been giving direction to its efforts on issues like peace, development and environment. Kwatra said that participating in the summit will give India an opportunity to review the results of the G-20 summit held under its chairmanship. India has always raised the issues of the global south on the G-7 forums. The Russia-Ukraine conflict and peace in the Middle East will be major issues on the agenda of this year's summit. Along with this, relations with developing countries and emerging economies are also important agendas, with a focus on Africa and the Indo-Pacific region. Apart from this, migration, AI and food security will also be important agendas of the conference, although these issues will be discussed by the G-7 countries themselves. Responding to a question about Russia and Ukraine, Kwatra said that India has always believed that the solution to this conflict can come out only through dialogue and diplomacy. Regarding the incident of damaging the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Italy, he said that this issue has been raised before the Italian government and the Italian government has also taken action on it.

PM Modi will also meet the Prime Minister of Italy
Apart from the summit, there will also be bilateral talks between the PMs of Italy and India. Although such talks are likely to be held with the leaders of other countries as well, the schedule for the second bilateral talks of the PM is not yet decided. Let us tell you that the last meeting of PM Modi and Meloni took place in Abu Dhabi in December 2023 for the COP summit. In the last one year, the relationship between the two countries has deepened, Meloni came to Delhi to participate in the Raisina Dialogue as well as the G20 summit, along with this she also came to India on her official visit in March last year. Quatra said that during his visit to India, the relations between the two countries were given a strategic dimension, defense, Indo Pacific and energy were made the focus in this partnership. Italy is the fourth largest trading partner among the countries of the European Union. Both the Prime Ministers will review all dimensions of their relations. Quatra said that Italy is a partner of India on many international forums, both the countries have shared relations in the International Solar Alliance, Indo Pacific Global Initiative, Biofuel Alliance and India Central East Europe Economic Corridor.

India will keep an eye on bilateral meetings
There is still uncertainty about the future participation of heads of state in the G-7 summit being held in Apulia, Italy. US President Biden has to face elections in November. Rishi Sunak's Britain also has elections on July 4, it is believed that his party may lose power, although he is campaigning and saying that the party will win. In such a situation, when this may be the last meeting for some international leaders, India will keep an eye on the bilateral meeting of the PM and these leaders.

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