PM Modi said a big thing to Bill Gates regarding HPV vaccine, research will be done in the country only

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PM Modi on Cervical Cancer Vaccine: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again said something big regarding cervical cancer. While talking to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, PM Modi said that the government wants all girls to get the cervical cancer vaccine. After the formation of the new government, funds will be allocated to the scientists of the country for research on cervical cancer. It is clear from PM Modi's statement that the government is planning to conduct research on this cancer and its vaccine in the country itself. Earlier last month, while presenting the interim budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had also announced that the government will run a large-scale vaccination campaign to protect all girls aged between 9 to 14 years from cervical cancer.

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of New Delhi Dr. Sarika Gupta, Senior Consultant, Gynecology Oncology Department of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital told PressNews24. That to avoid cervical cancer, all girls aged 9 to 14 years should get the HPV vaccine. This vaccine can protect against cancer up to 98 percent. By getting vaccinated, the immunity of young girls gets boosted rapidly and the risk of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is reduced. 90 percent of cervical cancer cases are caused by this virus. The special thing is that only one dose of this vaccine is sufficient for girls up to 14 years of age. Girls aged 15 or older have to take 2 to 3 doses of HPV vaccine. This vaccine is most effective up to 26 years of age and is less effective at older ages.

If we talk about the price of this vaccine, then the cost of one dose of HPV vaccine in a private hospital is around Rs 2000, whereas the price of imported vaccine is up to Rs 3500. However, the central government will run a campaign regarding this vaccine, so that all girls will be able to get this vaccine easily. Women with weak immunity are more at risk of cervical cancer. Apart from this, women suffering from HIV infection, multiple sexual partners, lack of genital hygiene and having children at an early age are also its victims. Smoking also increases the risk of this cancer.

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