PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi were seen in similar clothes in Lok Sabha, the style of arch rivals was the most special

Ananya Shroff
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18th Lok Sabha In the first session of the Lok Sabha, NDA candidate Om Birla was elected Speaker. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Leader of Opposition in the House Rahul Gandhi came to the podium to bid him farewell. During this, both these leaders were seen together in similar clothes. Even the looks of both seemed similar, which attracted everyone's attention.

The parties are different, the thoughts and feelings are also different but the attire is the same. More than the election of the Lok Sabha Speaker, people's eyes were on PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi. The styles of both may be different from each other but this time their clothes made them look similar. Rahul, who was seen in a white T-shirt for a long time, looked different this time. PM Modi's outfit was also matching with it.

Prime Minister Modi's look

Everyone knows the style of Prime Minister Modi, he mostly likes to wear a jacket over kurta pyjama. The first session of the 18th Lok Sabha is special in many ways, so PM Modi dressed in a special way. He wore pyjamas with a white full sleeve kurta. And styled a dark grey jacket over it. His stand collar jacket has matching buttons and blue checks. PM Modi's modesty is clearly visible when he keeps a pen in the upper pocket.

Rahul Gandhi's style

For a long time, Rahul Gandhi has been seen in a white T-shirt, but in the Lok Sabha session, he was seen in a white kurta pajama. Rahul appeared in a very simple kurta with stand collar and full sleeves, looking like a leader. Almost every leader wears such clothes. But when it comes to Rahul Gandhi, the interest automatically increases.

Both leaders looked alike

Now you must be wondering how the look of these two leaders became similar. So pay attention, Rahul Gandhi also wore white kurta pyjama like PM Modi. He just did not wear a jacket. The rest of the dressing style of both the leaders was the same. In this way, the first day of the Lok Sabha session continued to show positivity and peace by wearing white color without any ruckus.

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