PM did not mention Rahul or the opposition leader but attacked them a lot, know what he said to target them

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New Delhi: Responding to the discussion on the President's address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi He responded to the things said by the PM but did not take his name even once in his nearly two-hour speech. The PM continuously targeted the opposition leader by calling him a child-like person. The PM mentioned his 10 years of work, reiterated his resolve to work in the future and also targeted the Congress and Rahul Gandhi a lot. He talked about the NEET and Agniveer issue but did not take the name of Manipur even once. On the other hand, for the first time, the opposition kept creating a ruckus during the entire speech of the PM. Opposition MPs kept raising slogans like 'Give justice to Manipur', 'Prime Minister, go to Manipur'.

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Targeting Congress, but taking a soft stand on regional parties

The PM kept attacking the Congress but was soft on regional parties. He took a dig at the Congress for not being able to cross the 100 mark in the Lok Sabha elections and said that from 2024 the Congress party will be known as a parasite party. A parasite is one that eats the body in which it lives. The Congress also eats up the votes of the party with which it forms an alliance. It flourishes at the cost of its alliance partners. It has increased the number of seats by climbing on the shoulders of its alliance partners. He asked the Congress to accept its defeat. Modi said that remember the 1984 elections, after that 10 Lok Sabha elections have been held in this country and the Congress has never been able to touch the 250 mark.

Power attacks Rahul

Prime Minister Modi narrated some stories of a small child and called Rahul Gandhi childish. He quipped that nowadays a lot of work is being done for the entertainment of children. Modi targeted Rahul by referring to the film Sholay. Without taking Rahul's name, the PM said that he has gone beyond the film Sholay. He said that you must remember the aunty from the film Sholay. We have lost for the third time…but aunty is a moral victory. We have got zero seats in 13 states…oh aunty but she is a hero. She has ruined the party…oh aunty the party is still breathing. Modi told the Congress that do not drown the mandate in the celebration of fake victory. Accept the mandate of the countrymen honestly. Without taking Rahul's name, Modi said that he is acting to garner sympathy but the country knows the truth that he is out on bail in the case of embezzlement of thousands of crores of rupees. When this childish intelligence completely dominates, it starts troubling someone even in the House. When this childish intelligence crosses its limits, it starts winking while sitting in the House. The whole country has understood its reality. That is why the country is telling them- you will not be able to do this.

Congress is linked to anarchy

Modi said that the party which ruled the country for six decades is engaged in spreading anarchy. Congress gave MP tickets to leaders who advocated separating a part of the country from India. Congress is openly spreading rumors to pit one caste against another. Congress people are also promoting the tendency to show the people of a part of the country as inferior. Congress is also taking deliberate steps to spread economic anarchy in the country. The way they are taking economic steps in their states, it is going to push the country towards economic anarchy. Modi said that they have tried to spread anarchy by questioning the democratic process. The entire ecosystem kept emphasizing on the anarchy spread over CAA so that their political objectives could be fulfilled. The country has also seen disgusting attempts to push the country into the fire of riots.

He also took a jibe at the Congress manifesto

Congress had promised in its manifesto that women will be given Rs 8,500 every month. PM Modi also took a dig at this. He said that Congress has become a victim of lies. Just like a cannibal is attracted towards blood, similarly Congress has become a victim of the blood of lies. Modi said that on July 1, the country also celebrated Khata-Khata Divas. People were checking their bank accounts to see if they got Rs 8,500 or not. Modi said that Congress misled the countrymen during the elections. It lied about giving Rs 8,500 every month to mothers and sisters. Mothers and sisters will curse Congress.

Statement about Hindu mentioned

Modi said that 131 years ago Swami Vivekananda had said in Chicago that I am proud that I belong to a religion that has taught the whole world tolerance and global acceptance. He had said this for Hinduism. Hindus are tolerant, a group that lives in harmony. Today, there is a conspiracy to falsely accuse Hindus. It is being said that Hindus are violent. Addressing Rahul, the PM said, 'These are your values, these are your character, these are your thinking, this is your hatred?' This country is not going to forget this for centuries. When Modi was saying this, the opposition was raising slogans of 'Jhooth Bole Kavva Kate'. Modi said that we have been learning since childhood that every form of God is for darshan, no form is for personal gain, for display

Worked with locks in mouth

Modi alleged that the Congress ruined and weakened the country's army while in power and is conspiring to weaken the army even today. Modi said that the nature of war is changing and we are preparing the army accordingly. Preparing our army according to that challenge is a big responsibility, for which we are working by keeping our mouth shut despite being abused and hearing false allegations. Modi said that outright lies are being spread about army recruitment so that the youth do not join the army to protect the country. He asked for whom does the Congress want to weaken our army. PM Modi said that when the Congress was in power, it weakened it by snatching away weapons, fighter planes, ammunition and today when it is in the opposition, it is still pushing forward the agenda of weakening the army.

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