Plant this plant in your house before the arrival of Sawan, you will get success in Shiva worship

Ananya Shroff
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There is a high demand for Bel Patra in the month of Sawan. Its leaves are offered to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Bholenath likes this leaf very much because its plant was born from the sweat of Parvati ji. The 3 leaves of Bel Patra have been given the title of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Now people consider it necessary to have Bel Patra to worship Shiva.

Although many people find a difference between the bael fruit and the bael leaf, but it is the same tree. Which is known for medicinal properties along with beliefs. You can also plant it in a pot to worship with fresh bael leaves in the month of Sawan. Growing this plant at home is not a big task, if you find it difficult, then adopt some tips. With the method mentioned by us, you will be able to plant it easily.

First of all know the important things

Before growing a vine plant, you should keep some important things in mind. For example, you will have to take a slightly bigger pot, because its plant grows very fast. Its branches have thorns, so do not keep it near any delicate flowering plant. It takes a lot of time to grow it from seeds.

This plant needs a lot of sunlight, so keep it in a place where there is a lot of sunlight. Although small plants need to be protected from the sun in summer, but once the plant grows, the heat does not matter. Also, spray neem oil on the plant to protect it from insects and diseases.

Get it from the nursery like this

If you want to plant a Bel Patra plant at home very easily, then buy its plant from the nursery. However, while buying it, you have to keep in mind that the plant should not have any kind of disease. If the leaves of the plant look twisted or white, then such a plant should not be bought at all.

grow from seed like this

grow from seed like this

If you do not have a Bel Patra plant, then you can also grow it from the seeds found inside its fruit. For this, wash the seeds and dry them. Now bury the dry seeds 2 to 3 inches deep in the soil. Keep in mind that water should be given as per the need, never give too much water. Then you will see that the plant will start coming out in 10 to 12 days.

Use this type of soil

Use this type of soil

Well-drained soil should be used for Bel Patra. A little sand can also be added to it. However, very wet and black soil will not work for it at all. However, this plant can also grow in drought-prone areas, so the soil should be prepared accordingly.

This way you will get dense leaves

This way you will get dense leaves

Some people offer Bael leaves to Lord Shiva every day. Therefore, it is important for the plant to have more leaves. For this, when the Bael plant is small, fertilizer can be given once a month. Cow dung manure and vermicompost are best for plants growing in less water.

To increase the pH level of the soil, you can also mix one cup of buttermilk in one liter of water and pour it on the plant. However, the buttermilk should be pure and should not contain any kind of spice. Pruning is very important for the dense leaves of the plant. In such a situation, prune it once in 2 months, make sure that the plant is denser than tall.

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