People started saying bad things about my brother, my elder brother broke his silence

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New Delhi. All-rounder Hardik Pandya played an important role in helping the Indian cricket team win the T20 World Cup title. Pandya created a stir with the ball and bat. In the final match against South Africa, Pandya saved 16 runs in the last over and made India the world champion. Pandya was criticized a lot in the IPL 4 months ago. People booed him wherever he went to the field. He was made the captain of Mumbai Indians in place of Rohit Sharma. His performance was also not very good. Now elder brother Krunal is very happy for Hardik, who emerged as a star in the World Cup. Praising Hardik's comeback during the T20 World Cup win, Krunal said that amid the vortex of criticism, people had forgotten that his younger brother is also a 'person full of emotions'.

Krunal Pandya wrote an emotional post on his Instagram handle. He said, 'It has been almost a decade since Hardik and I have been playing professional cricket. The last few days have been very memorable for us, which we had dreamed of. Like every countryman, I was also happy with the success of my team and I could not be more emotional than this because my brother was an important part of it.'

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Krunal mentioned Hardik's struggle last year
Krunal also spoke about Hardik's struggles last year in which he was jeered by the crowd at the Wankhede Stadium. His team finished bottom of the table in the 17th season of the IPL and he himself could not make an impact with his performance.

According to Krunal, “The last six months have been very difficult for Hardik. Whatever he suffered, he did not deserve it and as a brother I feel very bad for him. From hooting to people saying nasty things about him, we all forgot that he is also an emotional person.”

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