People of UP will hate Rishikesh Manali…because a river rafting shop has opened in Bijnor

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When it comes to river rafting, Rishikesh's name comes to our mind first and then we talk about Manali or some other place. If we talk about Rishikesh, then the most white water river rafting happens here in the summer season. Where thousands of youth and families reach to enjoy this activity. But now the people of UP do not need to go here. Yes, because a rafting shop has opened in Bijnor city. That is, now you can enjoy river rafting here too. This activity starting in Kalagarh Ramganga river will not only attract Bijnoris, but foreigners will also come running here. If you are also bored of going to Rishikesh or Manali to enjoy water, then from now on take the path of Bijnor city. Because now the real fun is about to come!

Its trial took place a week ago

Rafting has started in Bijnor's Ramganga river on Sunday. Let us tell you, the DM and CDO of the district have given a special gift to the people of the district by starting rafting in the Ramganga river. When its trial was being done, many officials enjoyed rafting. After the trial was successful, it was started from Sunday itself.

8 people can go rafting at a time

Tourism is expected to increase after rafting starts, but keep in mind that just like you take care of safety during rafting in Rishikesh, you will have to take care of your safety here too. On the first day of rafting on Sunday, about 30 people did rafting. According to the information, only 8 people can enjoy rafting at a time. You will also be provided a guide. During rafting, you will also be made to wear a life guide jacket and helmet.

the rent will be so much

the rent will be so much

If we talk about the fare, then the fee for 4 km rafting will be 300 rupees and for 9 km rafting you will have to spend 500 rupees. A total of 9 teams have been deployed for rafting, which will also have two guides. If you want to go here, then the distance from Delhi to Bijnor district will be about 175 km. You can also go by driving yourself on your bike or car. Apart from this, you can also reach here by taxi, train, private bus or government bus.

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