People are crazy about Ambani's cruise wedding, if you want to get married in the sea then know these things too

Ananya Shroff
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People are crazy about Ambani's cruise wedding, if you want to get married in the sea then know these things too

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A new wedding trend has arrived

Due to the lack of auspicious time for marriage at this time, many wedding planners are busy preparing for the weddings of the coming season. Actually, during the off season when planners do not have bookings for weddings, they work on new trends and new concepts. After Anant-Radhika's pre-wedding function in May last month, wedding planners have discovered a completely new trend of marriage. Actually, these days a large number of people are asking them for information about getting married on a cruise.

'People are asking for information about cruise weddings'

Megha Jindal, founder of Mega Wedding, says, 'After Anant Ambani's pre-wedding function on a cruise, the craze of getting married on a cruise has increased a lot. After his pre-wedding, we have received calls for four weddings so far. They have asked us to make packages. Looking at the demand of the people, we are also planning to hold weddings on a cruise.'

Jurgen Belom, President and CEO of Cordelia Cruises, says, 'Last year we have seen a huge increase in the number of weddings taking place on cruises. This shows that this trend is increasing due to people's desire for a special experience. We have conducted more than 20 weddings on our cruise. I hope that this number will increase rapidly in the coming days. Cruises have many facilities for people of all ages, due to which their wedding becomes a memorable event.'

People started gathering information

People started gathering information

In our country, wedding preparations start months in advance. To avoid any problem in getting the desired venue or other things like band, music and photographer on the wedding day, people start booking several months in advance.

If we talk about cruise weddings, there are very few options available for cruise weddings in India. Whereas in foreign countries, many companies provide cruises for weddings. This is the reason why people are already seeking information about cruise weddings for weddings to be held in winter.

'We want to continue this festival for 2-3 days'

I want this function to continue for 2-3 days

Rahul Jindal says that 'people are seeking information about two to three day wedding ceremonies on cruises. Many people want to book now for weddings to be held in January and February.'

Raghuveer Singh, founder of BMP Wedding, says, 'After Anant Ambani's cruise pre-wedding event, a big jump can be seen in the trend of beach weddings. We have also received some calls for weddings on cruise. One party wants to get married on the Mumbai to Goa route. For this, they have chosen the month of February.'

Guests are counted, not plates

Guests are counted, not plates

The Ambani family had spent a lot of money on the cruise pre-wedding organized in Europe. Seeing the luxurious arrangements of that event, many people are wondering how we will be able to get married on a cruise like the Ambani family? But the reality is something else. According to experts, the concept of cruise wedding is somewhat similar to the plate system in a luxurious wedding venue. The only difference is that here guests are counted instead of plates.

How much does a cruise wedding cost?

How much does a cruise wedding cost?

The rate of any cruise wedding depends on how many guests you have and for how many days you want to organize the event. Talking about the cost, you may have to spend from Rs 16500 to Rs 42000 per person per day to get married on a cruise floating on the waves of the sea. The more facilities you demand on the cruise, the more the price will increase. The cost of a wedding on a cruise increases according to the travel route, decoration, entertainment and venue.

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