Payal Malik said- Polygamy is not right, this happened to us too but please don't do this

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YouTuber Armaan Malik, who is in discussions and controversies for living a happy life with two wives at the same time, was creating a ruckus these days in 'Bigg Boss OTT 3' with both his wives Payal and Kritika. But now Payal's journey from the show has ended. We had a special conversation with Payal, who was out of the show in the first week itself.

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One husband, two wives and they both live together so happily that even the love of real sisters seems less, then it is natural for the world to be surprised. This is the reason why YouTuber Armaan Malik and his two wives Payal and Kritika are in the headlines everywhere. Even their controversial relationship took them to Bigg Boss OTT 3. All three came together in the show, but in the first week itself, Armaan's first wife Payal Malik's journey ended from the show, which according to him was very wrong.

Payal says that injustice has been done to her. She should not have been eliminated in the first week. Someone else should have been eliminated. But where did Payal go wrong? Was she unable to build relationships in the show? On asking this, she says, 'I have not made any mistake. The housemates have made a mistake. I was nominated in a wrong way. It is not that my relations with the housemates were not good. I had good relations with everyone, even the person who nominated me felt that he took a wrong decision. But okay, right now two people from my house are in the show. I am happy to see them and I want both of them to reach the top and the trophy comes to our house.' But who is the stronger contender for the trophy between Armaan and Kritika? On this question, she says, 'Armaan is strong because he knows how to play. On the other hand, Kritika is a little naive but she should reach the top three.' Not only this, if Payal gets a chance, she would like to come back to the show as a wild card.

'We do not support polygamy'

In the show, Payal's husband Armaan is often seen supporting her one-time friend and co-wife Kritika instead of her. Whether it is a question of choosing a winner between the two or loving the other more, where does Payal find the courage to tolerate all this? On this, she said, 'This courage does not come immediately. We have to gather courage and adapt ourselves according to the situation. It took me five years to gather this courage and one and a half years to accept this relationship.' But many people say that by happily accepting the betrayal of her husband and friend, Payal is giving a wrong message to the society. On this, she says, 'We have always said that we do not support this thing. Even if this has happened to us, please do not do this. We do not support polygamy.'

Love for Kritika more than Armaan

Do people sympathize with Payal for being cheated? To this Payal said, 'People think that something very wrong has happened to me and I should get sympathy but it is not so. Kritika and I really live with each other very lovingly. She loves me more than I love her. She also accepts that she cheated on me but now that it is a mistake, we cannot suppress it. If we do this, we will not be able to live life. She accepted her mistake, I forgave her, that is why this relationship is going on.' But does Payal never think why should I tolerate all this cheating? Should I live a separate life with my children? To this she says, 'No, it never comes to mind, because Kritika loves me more than Armaan and the bond between us is even more than Armaan.'

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