Pawan Kalyan proudly praised this place, a beach spot looks like the whole of Goa

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Pawan Kalyan proudly praised this place, a beach spot looks like the whole of Goa

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A unique seaside town

Bapatla is located on the beautiful coast of the Bay of Bengal. Here you will be mesmerized by the spectacular view of the sandy beach and the pleasant sea breeze. The mysterious and spiritual aura of the old temples of this city further enhances the charm of the city. You will experience natural beauty in this city.

Bapatla Beach

If you also want to spend a memorable time in Bapatla, then you must go there once. Here you can go to the amazing Suryalanka Beach. This beach is also known as Bapatla Beach. It is seen as the most popular attraction of the city. The secluded and calm, picturesque beach here gives a satisfying experience to the tourists coming here. You can come here with your family, your friends and partner.

The ancient temple is enhancing the beauty of the city

Let us tell you that Bapatla is also considered an ideal place for spiritual travelers. One of the oldest Hindu temples here is Bhavananarayana Swamy Temple. This temple was built in the 14th century by the Chola rulers of the region. This temple is known for its religious and archaeological importance. The artifacts here are worth seeing. Which every tourist should see.

things to remember

If you are planning to visit Bapatla, you should avoid coming here during summer. Because during summer the weather here can be unsuitable for tourists. Along with this, tourists should avoid going too deep into the sea. Because it is known for strong currents and tidal waves.

How to reach Bapatla?

If you want to go to Bapatla, then you can easily reach there in just 2 hours by taking a flight from Delhi to Vijayawada. Apart from flight, you can also reach Bapatla by train. However, it will take you a lot of time to come by train. However, if you are planning a short weekend, then Bapatla will be the best tourist place for you.

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