Parliament Session 2024: Both mics and Sansad TV cameras targeted by opposition MPs in Lok Sabha

Ananya Shroff
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Parliament Session 2024: Both mics and Sansad TV cameras targeted by opposition MPs in Lok Sabha

New Delhi: In this first session of the 18th Lok Sabha, the mic of the House and the camera of Sansad TV are also on the opposition's 'target'. Due to the experience of the last Lok Sabha, the opposition MPs were more cautious this time about what is being shown on Sansad TV and what is not. When the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi was speaking during the discussion on the President's address, the opposition raised the issue of mic and camera of Sansad TV. In the last session of the last Lok Sabha, the opposition continuously protested on the Manipur issue and they came to the well of the House and kept raising slogans, but they were not seen in the camera of Sansad TV. Through the live proceedings of the Lok Sabha, the country sees what is happening inside the House. But the opposition's protest during the proceedings of the House was not shown on TV. This time when the first session of the Lok Sabha started, the opposition, especially the Congress MPs, kept an eye on the camera of Sansad TV from the very first day. When Rahul Gandhi is speaking and the speaker or someone else is seen on the screen, they immediately raise this issue. On Monday also, when Rahul Gandhi started speaking, a double window was seen on Sansad TV, in which Rahul was in one window and the speaker in the other. Immediately Congress's Gaurav Gogoi raised question on this and then Rahul Gandhi started being shown in the single window.

The opposition is constantly accusing of switching off the mike

Similarly, the opposition is repeatedly accusing him of switching off the mike. On Monday too, Rahul Gandhi had said that who has the mike? The mike switches off in the middle of my speech. On this, the speaker said that you are the leader of the opposition and you say even outside that the mike is off. People of all parties sit on the chair and the one who is asked to speak, his mike is switched on.

Om Birla has already responded to the allegations of the opposition

Earlier, when the proceedings of the House began in the morning, Speaker Om Birla responded to this allegation of the opposition. He said that many members go out of the House and allege that the Speaker or the Chairman sitting on the chair turns off their mike, whereas the Chair has no control over the mike and all the Chairmen run the House in this manner. On Friday, the Congress had claimed that when the Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi was trying to put forth his views on the subject of 'NEET' in the Lok Sabha, his mike was turned off in the middle.

Question raised on the dignity of the seat

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said that many members here are senior to me. Everyone knows that the system is that the one whose name is called from the chair, speaks. The chair does not have any remote control. Members of all parties sitting at the Speaker's table run the House in this way. This has been the tradition. I hope that now members will not raise such objections. Addressing senior Congress leader K. Suresh, he said that this is a matter of dignity of the chair. At least the people sitting on this chair should not raise such objections. Suresh ji sits on this chair. He should tell whether the chair has control of the mic.

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