Parents' attachment to English medium schools is no less than suicide: NCERT chief

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Parents' attachment to English medium schools is no less than suicide: NCERT chief

Latest Education News in Hindi : The craze for English medium schools in our country is not hidden from anyone. Even in pure Hindi speaking areas like Delhi, UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, when it comes to admission of children, no one thinks beyond English medium schools. Even those who cannot afford the fees of English medium schools want to educate their children in English schools by saving every penny. But where is this desire taking us? The NCERT chief has said many important things on this.

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Director of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) DP Saklani has expressed grief over the increasing attraction of parents towards English medium schools. He said that 'This is like shooting oneself in the foot. The habit of memorizing subjects in English is leading to lack of knowledge in children. Due to this, they are getting away from their roots and culture. We start memorizing in English and this is where the loss of knowledge occurs.'

The NCERT chief said, “Parents are attracted to English medium schools. They prefer to send their children to such schools. Even if there are no teachers there or they are not trained enough. This is nothing less than suicide. This is why the new (national) education policy emphasizes on teaching in the mother tongue.”

How can we learn anything without understanding the roots?

DP Saklani said, “Why should teaching be based on mother tongue? Because unless we understand our mother tongue, our roots, how will we understand anything? The multilingual approach does not mean finishing studies in one language. Rather, the emphasis is on learning multiple languages.”

The NCERT chief cited the initiative taken by the Union Education Minister to develop 'primers' (books) in two tribal languages ​​of Odisha to teach students with the help of pictures, stories and songs based on their local nature and culture.

He said, 'We are now developing 'primers' (books) in 121 languages, which will be ready this year. This will help school-going children connect with their roots.' The new National Education Policy released in 2020 recommended that wherever possible, the medium of education should be home language, mother tongue, local language or regional language at least till class five.

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