Panchpahadi where sages and saints used to do penance, today has turned into ruins

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Panchpahadi is a very attractive place surrounded by mountains and forests on all sides and decorated with nature. Due to its structure, it attracts the local people as well as the tourists passing through here. It is located on the Jamui Sono main road. Nature has created its structure in a very wonderful way.

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Panchpahadi has a very old historical, cultural and religious significance. Local people told that long ago sages and saints used to do penance on this mountain. There are temples of many gods and goddesses on this mountain since long, which were renovated by Sadhvi Mata Sita's guru Tyagi Ji Maharaj. With the help of local people and public representatives, concrete stairs, Yagya Mandap and marriage mandap have been constructed near Amravati Dham.

Many temples are located in the caves of the mountain
Local residents Bhairav ​​Yadav, Bihari Das, Aman Kumar Mahesh Sharma, Jagat Kumar and Vijay Thakur said that the temple of Maa Durga and Lord Shiva is situated in a cave created by nature on this mountain. Apart from this, the temple of Maa Parvati is situated on the top of the mountain and the temple of Maa Ganga is situated on Navpahar. Apart from this, the temple of Tyagi Ji Maharaj and Bajrangbali built with modern technology is also located at the other end of the mountain peak.

There is also a man-made well on this hill, some remains of which are still present. Amaravati Dham is located below the hill. Sadhvi Mata Sita used to do penance by staying at this place. A community hall, Yagya Mandap and marriage hall have also been built at this place. People living nearby also get their sons and daughters married in this marriage hall.

Many facilities can be developed to attract tourists
Every year on the day of Makar Sankranti, a one-day fair is held in Panchpahadi and its surrounding areas. People often come here to enjoy picnics with their families. Apart from this, marriages are also performed by people living nearby during the wedding season. There is immense potential for tourism here.

To promote tourism at this place, the government can adopt this area and develop other facilities including boating here. This will greatly improve the economic condition of the people of this area and people will also get employment. But at present this place is neglected and is telling its plight.

The development proposal will be ready soon.Bihar Government's Science, Technology and Technical Education Minister cum local MLA Sumit Kumar Singh said that Panch Pahadi will be developed in a very good way. For this, a proposal will be prepared very soon through the district administration. Efforts are also being made to get this place the status of a tourist destination.

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