Pakistani diplomat's cook misbehaved with Indian woman, no action taken even after complaint

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: An employee of the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi has allegedly tried to molest an Indian woman. The employee works as a cook for Pakistan High Commission diplomat Saad Ahmad Warraich, who is also a Pakistani national. The victim worked as a domestic help at Warraich's house and was living in the servant quarters of the diplomat's official residence on Tilak Marg in New Delhi.

Pakistani cook did dirty act with Indian woman

Accused Minhaj Hussain was allegedly misbehaving with the victim Indian woman since he came to India in February this year. He was constantly demanding sex from her and trying to commit obscenity. According to sources, when Minhaj tried to molest the woman, she complained about it to Pakistan High Commission diplomat Shad Ahmed. Instead of taking action on the complaint, Shad Ahmed Warraich quietly sent Hussain back to Pakistan on the pretext of Bakrid.No action taken even after complaint
He said that later the Pakistan High Commission asked the woman to leave the job and Waraich's house by June 30. The victim is a widow and has to work for her children. Now she is completely shaken by this behavior. She felt even worse when Hussain returned from Pakistan and started working at Waraich's house again.

Following this, she went to the Tilak Marg police station on June 28 and lodged a complaint against Minhaz Hussain for his alleged indecent behaviour. Based on the complaint, the Delhi Police immediately registered an FIR against Minhaz Ahmed Hussain under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Hussain was living in India on an official passport and visa. Sensing trouble, he was deported back to Pakistan on June 30.

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