Pakistan Cricket: Is this a team? Some are running here, some are running there…foreign coach exposed Pakistan

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Pakistan Cricket: Is this a team? Some are running here, some are running there…foreign coach exposed Pakistan

New Delhi. Pakistan must have had high expectations from coach Gary Kirsten, who made India the world champion in 2011, when he included the South African legend in his team. Kirsten must have also joined Pakistan with high expectations, because there is no dearth of talent in this team. But it did not take long for Kirsten to realize his mistake. Criticizing the Pakistan cricket team, which was eliminated from the T20 World Cup, coach Gary Kirsten said that there is 'no unity' in the team.

After losing to America and India, the Pakistan team managed to win tough matches against Canada and Ireland. According to Pakistani media reports, the team's head coach Gary Kirsten left no stone unturned in reprimanding the team after being eliminated from the World Cup. A senior Pakistani journalist quoted Kirsten as saying, “There is no unity in the Pakistani team. They call it a team, but it is not a team. The players are not supporting each other. Everyone is different. I have worked with many teams, but I have never seen such a situation.”

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Geo Super TV quoted sources as saying that Kirsten expressed his displeasure over the fitness level of the players. The former South African opener also said that the team is far behind the rest of the world in terms of skill level.

After Pakistan's defeat to India, Kirsten had said that the team lost due to poor decision making. Kirsten had said, 'This is definitely a disappointing defeat. I knew that a target of 120 would not be easy. If India has scored 120 runs, then it was not going to be easy. However, I think the team's score was 72 runs for two wickets with six or seven overs remaining. It is disappointing not to be able to get the match out of this situation.'

The biggest setback for Pakistan in this T20 World Cup was its defeat against the USA. After winning against Ireland on Sunday, Pakistan finished third in Group A with four points while India topped the table with seven points. After winning against Pakistan and Canada and the match against Ireland being cancelled, the USA qualified for the Super Eight stage with five points.

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