Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle

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From the manufacturer

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Modernize your kitchen experience with Orpat 1.2-litre electric kettle, made up of durable, brushed aluminium die cast and stainless steel for dependable quality and service. Safety features of electric kettle include auto shutoff when water boils, on indicator light, and locking lid. Kettle lifts off corded base for easy filling and pouring. Spout filter keeps water poured out to flow uniformly without much spillage. Auto shutoff when water reaches boiling point, this built-in safety feature ensures that the kettle will never overheat or boil over, which could damage the kettle, it is also embellished with power on light.

FEATURES Capacity: 1.2L Body Material: Aluminium Die Cast And Stainless Steel Ideal For: Heating Water Power Consumption: 1350W Additional Features: 360 Degree Base Rotation

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The ON/OFF switch is just at the top of the handle in this kettle which is firmly designed to give a great and smooth functioning of appliance for your convenience.


With many kettles, You can’t tell if they’re hot except by touching them. But with the orpat kettle you’ll know just by looking, when the power light is on.


This electric kettle has 1350 watts of power that allows boiling of water in just few minutes. The quick boiling makes it more demanding appliance for all modern kitchens.

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Aluminium Die Cast & Stainless Steel Body

The electric kettle is designed with aluminium die cast and stainless steel to ensure a high durable long lasting performance. The Stainless Steel makes it look smart along with granting dependable quality & service.

Lockable Lid

The Locking Lid is another great safety feature of this kettle. The lockable lids prevent accidental spills while you’re pouring.

Ergonomically Designed Handle

The handle is designed in a way that gives an easy and strong grip. The design is so conveniently done that it allows maximum grip while accessing lid button.

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ORPAT is a group of companies based in the state of Gujarat, India with its wide national and international presence. The company is involved in manufacturing a wide range of well diversified products. ORPAT, with its continuous endeavors to strive for high precision premium class products has developed a state of art manufacturing plant with its strong R&D team, continuously involved in achieving innovations for its products and process.

Mirror Finish Hygienic Stainless Steel Body
Over Heat and Boil Dry Protection
Automatic Cut-off
360 degree Swivel Base for Ease of Use
Hygienic Concealed Heating Element to Prevent Calcification with SS and Aluminum Die Cast Body for Extreme Long Life
Wide Mouth-Easy to Clean
Elegant Handle with Single Touch Lid Locking
Power ON Indicator Light
1 Year warranty

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