Opinion: What is our fault… When NET exam was cancelled, students asked- when will this leak stop?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Mohan (name changed) returned happily after giving the exam. His exam went well. This time he was confident that he would pass the NET. But what is this, NTA canceled the UGC NET exam just a day later. Many children like Mohan were devastated. Amid the fear of paper leak, the government canceled the UGC NET 2024 exam. Mohan had prepared a lot for this exam. He cannot believe what happened suddenly. He feels cheated. All he has to say is what is our fault…we had come to give the exam after preparing with great hard work. Now we have to prepare for the exam again. The biggest tension is that this should not happen again in the future. How will we be able to prepare for the exam with full heart. Only darkness is visible in front of the eyes. Not only Mohan, the cancellation of NET exam has increased the difficulties of thousands of students like him. They do not understand what to do next.

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Paper leak and UGC NET exam cancellation

With the cancellation of the NET exam, the entire schedule of the students appearing in it flashed before their eyes. How they prepared, travelled several kilometres to take the exam. During this time, they did not even care about hunger and thirst. Their only goal was to pass the NET. This will give them a new path. However, due to the paper leak and cancellation of the exam, thousands of people like Mohan are again seeing their future hanging in the balance. Be it NEET or UGC-NET or any other competitive exam, every student prepares with the hope that he will score good marks in the exam. Especially children from middle class families have high expectations from these exams. Why not, after all they prepare for this exam with full hard work but they have to bear the brunt of some people's mistake. The government or the agency conducting the exam does not take long to cancel the exam on suspicion of paper leak. But, do they think about those students for whom this exam is everything? It seems as if the entire hard work of the students appearing in it is wasted by one decision.

what happened to the students

Students like Mohan are not the only ones who are upset with the paper leak. The families of those students are also angry. They say that the problem of paper leak is like a curse for poor and middle class families like theirs. Their children prepare for the exam with great hard work and when they return after giving the exam, they come to know that the paper has been leaked. This not only ruins the hard work of the children but also breaks their morale. Not only does the morale of the children fall but the morale of parents like them is also affected. Many families take loans to educate their children but the future of meritorious children is played with. They held the politicians and mafias responsible for this.

When will paper leaks be curbed?

Many questions were raised on NTA in the NEET paper leak case. The matter had not yet settled down that the cancellation of NET exam has increased the difficulties of thousands of students like Mohan. The NET exam was held on 18 June. It was cancelled the very next day. This exam is also conducted by the National Testing Agency i.e. NTA. Seeing the ever-increasing cases of paper leak, the question arises that why NTA i.e. National Testing Agency or the government is not able to make full proof preparations for any exam. Is there really a solution to paper leak? How are papers getting leaked in such important competitive exams. Why are the government and the agency not able to make it full proof?

Questions arising on government and agency

Is there any solution to paper leak or not? Everyone is raising questions. According to experts, there is definitely a failure of the system in such cases. In such a big exam, education mafias are often engaged in leaking the paper. If we take the example of NEET exam, more than 23 lakh candidates appeared in it. Thousands of examination centers were set up across the country. During this, these mafias try to break in and the brunt of this has to be borne by those students who appear in the exam with hard work. Their goal is to pass this exam. Now think what is the fault of those students in such a game who prepare for this exam day and night. Their only effort is to pass the exam so that they can feed themselves and their family. But their problems increase due to paper leak and cancellation of the exam.

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