Opinion: Teach a lesson to 'Taliban' supporters Mamta Didi, after all you are also a woman

Ananya Shroff
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Opinion: Teach a lesson to 'Taliban' supporters Mamta Didi, after all you are also a woman

Power was gained on conditions, defeat due to Sharia, opposition to Muslim nation… What happened in Lakshmikantpur of Chopra in North Dinajpur district in West Bengal is an explanation of these three things. Election after election, it has been proved that Muslims vote unanimously for Mamata Banerjee's government. But on what conditions? Be it the case of Sandeshkhali or Lakshmikantpur, the message is clear. Muslim supporters of Mamata government want Sharia rule in West Bengal and the common people have lost in this. Hamidur Rahman, MLA from Chopra of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's party Trinamool Congress (TMC), even hinted that if not West Bengal, then at least his area is a 'Muslim nation'. He condemned the incident of brutally beating a woman in public in front of the crowd and also said that the woman acted against the rules of the Muslim nation. TMC MLA Hamidur Rahman wrote, 'We condemn the incident, but the woman also did wrong. She left her husband, son and daughter and became an animal. Muslim countries have certain rules and laws and justice is given according to them. However, we also feel that what happened was a bit too much. Now legal action will be taken in this matter.'A video of Laxmikantpur in Chopra has gone viral in which a cruel looking monster is brutally beating a woman with several sticks. The woman keeps lying here and there on the ground and this monster named Tajamul Haque beats her from all sides. Perhaps because of his stature and cruelty, he is known as JCB among the local people. After beating the woman, he does the same cruelty to the man as well. Tajamul keeps leaving 'marks of Shariat' with a bunch of sticks first on the woman and then on the man and the crowd remains a spectator. The surprising thing is that there are women in the crowd, but no one comes forward to save the woman. Before the Lok Sabha elections, the face of a monster was revealed in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal. Local women accused that monster Sheikh Shahjahan of sexual harassment. He is currently in jail. However, after the video went viral, Tajamul has also been sent to jail. But the question is whether Mamata government's police will teach him a lesson?
CM Mamata Banerjee had given the slogan of 'Maa, Mati, Manush'. In West Bengal, neither mother is safe, nor the value of the soil is left, nor the value of man. Examples of how the government of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party, who gave the slogan of Save Democracy in the country, are giving protection to Muslims with Talibani mentality, are coming to the fore again and again. In the greed of vote bank in West Bengal, liberal people of the Muslim society are being marginalized and hooligan elements are being promoted. Be it the assembly elections or the recently held Lok Sabha elections, those who vote against TMC in West Bengal are put in trouble. Horrific incidents of murder of opposing voters, harassment of their mothers, sisters and daughters are taking place in Bengal and people are forced to leave their homes and get displaced to save their lives, property and honor. Think, Bengal was once called Bhadralok. People will still call it Bhadralok, but the ground reality is completely opposite to this. Kangaroo courts are running in Bengal. Somewhere Sheikh Shahjahan, somewhere Tajimul, the face may be anyone but the system is the same – Talibani.

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It is surprising that whether it is film actresses or leaders of various political parties who stand with banners and posters on selected issues, as soon as it is known that the culprit is a Muslim, everyone's mouths are shut. Muslims are a vote bank, they make a big difference in elections by voting one-sidedly, so the compulsions of political parties and leaders are understandable, but what about these Bollywood people? Accusers say that Bollywood is also basically Mullawood, that is why no one there can muster the courage to say anything that points a finger at the Muslim community. Compulsions shut the mouths of even big people and due to those compulsions, people with closed lips start shouting on specific issues. This is the misfortune of this country. Just imagining where the perversion of shouting or keeping quiet on the basis of the caste and religion of the criminal will take the country, sends shivers down the spine. But who cares about the future. Everyone has to live in the present, they just have to look after their own interests. Some have the interest of votes, while others have the interest of career. Meanwhile, common people are forced to get flogged in kangaroo courts. In such a situation, we can only appeal to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that Didi, teach a lesson to these supporters with Talibani mentality, otherwise they will turn West Bengal into Afghanistan.

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