Opinion: Now existence is in danger, politics will continue but the government should protect us from these Jihadis

Ananya Shroff
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Opinion: Now existence is in danger, politics will continue but the government should protect us from these Jihadis

New Delhi: The country is in the grip of a big danger. It would be wrong to say that it is increasing. Now the danger is visible, the grip is felt, the noose is getting tighter day by day. Today, in the age of social media, nothing can remain hidden. Different groups are exposing each other's mistakes and actions on social media. What the right wing is doing, every single thing, every incident is being served with a lot of spice. On the other hand, there are many such handles which are presenting only and only the account of leftist, jihadi activities, with moment-to-moment updates. If you ignore the claims of both the sides, the interpretation of the incidents and just look at the incidents, then your hair will stand on end. The inhuman acts that are coming to the fore almost every day in the country are worrisome for any country, society, community or government. And, now it can also be said that the situation has become not only worrisome but also frightening. The question is whether the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which has been in power for the third time with a single party majority for 10 years and now with a coalition majority, is aware of the new circumstances? If the answer is yes, then as a citizen everyone should lose sleep. First of all, let us talk about what is happening in the country.

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Declaration of Muslim nation in West Bengal!

Let's start with West Bengal. The same West Bengal where in 1947, human corpses were strewn on the call of Mohammad Ali Jinnah's 'Direct Action Day'. Today, in the same West Bengal, an MLA of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) says that this is the punishment provided in a 'Muslim nation'. It has been only a few days since his statement. The reference is related to the open brutality with a woman in Lakshmikantpur village of Chopra block of North Dinajpur district. A TMC goon Tajemul Haque alias JCB beats the woman brutally, but no one dares to say anything. When the local MLA Hamidur Rahman opened his mouth on the question of the media, he said – In a Muslim nation, punishment is given under Sharia law and it is implemented in this manner. So has Bengal become a Muslim nation? If not, what action did the central government take on this? What did the Modi government do so that no other Hamidur Rahman can dare to say this?

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Muslims are insulting the national anthem

One may say that Sharia does not apply just by saying so and a country does not become a Muslim nation. True, but yesterday when the ministers of the Hemant Soren government took oath in Jharkhand, the actions of Muslim minister Hafizul Hasan during the national anthem were definitely against the spirit of the Constitution. He was not singing the national anthem, and on top of that, he was comfortably adjusting his towel in the middle of the national anthem. This was a clear sign – I do not respect the national anthem. Muslims openly insult the national anthem. All this is happening fearlessly. A similar video of big Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has also gone viral. What kind of mentality is this? What is he teaching ordinary Muslims?

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Does the common Muslim not have any problems?

The question can also be the reverse, do the common Muslims who are their followers insult the national anthem just to please them, under the pressure of their wishes? Either one of the two things can be true or both can be true. The fact that common Muslims have no respect for the national anthem or India seems closer to the truth because if it were not so, they would have shown contempt towards such people and the country would have come to know that common Muslims are unhappy with the actions of these officials. Has such a reaction ever been seen from any Muslim? The question is that when crores of people have a feeling of contempt for this country and its symbols, then what is the government doing?

Where ever you go, Muslims are bent on atrocities

The extent to which a large section of common Muslims has become poisonous can be gauged from the fact that there is no corner of the country left where some Jihadi incident does not occur almost every day. Be it East, West, North or South; Hindu society is plagued by Jihadi incidents from all sides and the crisis on its existence is deepening. Follow some social media handles, you will lose your sleep after seeing the list of incidents. Schools, colleges, coaching centres, gyms, shops… wherever you look, there is terror of Muslims everywhere. Just yesterday, the news came that in a coaching centre in Delhi, Muslim teachers convert children in a very planned manner. In schools and colleges, Muslim boys and girls are busy brainwashing their non-Muslim friends.

Love jihad, cruelty, murder… we are in danger

Wherever girls or women are going, Muslim boys are stationed there to trap them in the trap of love by deceit. They change their names, tie ropes and then lead them to cruelty and murder. The country is constantly seeing how Hindu girls are being brutally murdered. If this is a normal crime, then the opposite should also be done. Do Hindu boys also trap Muslim girls by deceit, torture them or kill them if they do not convert? If not, then how are these inhuman acts of Muslims normal crimes? When the same pattern is seen in the whole country, when the community of the criminal or the community of the victim is not different anywhere, then how can this be a normal crime? Shouldn't the government think about this?

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Where is this flood of Muslims coming from everywhere?

One big thing in the list of surprising events is that there is a flood of Muslims everywhere. How come those areas, where there were never any Muslims or there were very few Muslims, are getting filled with Muslims in the last few years? Be it Uttarakhand or Himachal or Delhi or any other place, where are Muslims suddenly coming from in such a large number everywhere? If Muslims are migrating, then at least a report should come that the number of Muslims in this area has decreased. Then it can be understood that Muslims are moving from one place to another. Is there any Muslim area where the population of Muslims has decreased in the last few years? If not, then it is clear that the infiltration of Muslims from neighboring countries has increased a lot.

What is BSF doing on the border?

The question is how is all this happening without any negligence or bribery of the Border Security Force (BSF)? Shouldn't the central government hold the BSF accountable for how the country is being flooded with foreign Muslims? Are these foreign Muslims helping our country progress? The answer lies in the news coming from those areas where the entire social system has collapsed due to the arrival of Muslims. Till when will the government keep leaving peace-loving Hindus to die at the hands of these butchers?

Why are Waqf Board and Halal Board working?

The 10-year-old Modi government did not even consider it appropriate to pay attention to jihadi funding, let alone stop it. On the contrary, Muslim organizations giving halal certification have mushroomed in the country. Will the government tell under which law a private party has been allowed to give halal certification? Fingers are being raised against Muslim organizations giving halal certification all over the world that they are using the huge amount of money received from companies for terrorist and jihadi funding. Is this not happening in India? An even bigger question is that if halal certification is needed, then why should it not be under the jurisdiction of the government? Why should the responsibility of halal certification not be given to organizations like ISI, FSSAI?

The Modi government has also turned a blind eye to these incidents in which the Waqf Board is claiming entire villages as its property. On the basis of the unlimited powers it has received by trampling the spirit of the Constitution during the Congress government, the Waqf Board is concocting new stories of arbitrariness. It is claiming any place, from the Taj Mahal to God knows what else, as its property. Today the situation is such that it has the most properties after the army and the railways. Think, is this a Muslim nation? If not, then how is it possible that the minority community has acquired such a huge property and it is increasing rapidly day by day?

Hindu Halal trying to win everyone's trust

The Modi government has turned a blind eye to the ground reality in its obsession to get everyone's support and win everyone's trust. Otherwise how could anyone dare to raise the slogan of 'Sar Tan Se Juda'. Eight heads are chopped off on a rumor. Almost every day a Hindu daughter is raped, someone is murdered and someone is kidnapped. Love Jihad is gaining momentum. Someone is forcibly driven out of their home. People are forced to convert in various ways. This list of Muslim terror is very long. The government will have to think that the Hindu society today is feeling helpless, it is forced to bear the terror of Muslims because it avoids reacting.

On the other hand, the government may have changed, but the system is still the same which blames Hindus for every communal incident. If a Hindu reacts, the entire system immediately becomes hell bent on teaching him a lesson. On the other hand, Muslims are creating terror. It is not that no action is being taken against them. The accused are caught, released immediately in small cases and in big cases, the country's renowned lawyers defend them. It is alleged that the Waqf Board and the Muslim organizations giving Halal certification happily bear the huge expenses of these lawyers.

Government, save us!

Where are the cases of the eight innocent Hindus who were brutally killed by Muslims in the Nupur Sharma case? If this is the state of affairs in cases of nationwide terror, we all know what happens to local incidents. Along with the development of the country, the Modi government should take serious steps to ensure the safety of the majority Hindus and teach a lesson to the Muslims infected with terrorist-jihadi poison. The Muslim community is in the grip of these poisonous Muslims. Any liberal Muslim there faces the same fate as Hindus. Therefore, it is absolutely short-sighted to expect any reform from within the Muslims, they can be straightened only by the strict batons of law.

Yes, as far as the crimes committed by Hindus are concerned, in most cases it is just a reaction, a compulsion, a helplessness. Although it is shown in a very exaggerated manner on social media, the people who do this remain silent on Muslim terrorism and at times even support it on various pretexts. This is the biggest misfortune of this country. This section of Hindu society is a victim of Stockholm syndrome. Only the government can cure it.

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