Opinion: Minister! Where will you see inflation, when did you last buy green vegetables and pulses?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: At this time, everyone, common and special, is troubled by the impact of inflation. Be it vegetables or pulses, the prices are increasing in such a way that it seems as if they have disappeared from the plates of a large number of people. However, if Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Minister Surya Pratap Shahi is to be believed, then perhaps he is not seeing inflation anywhere. This is the reason why he bluntly said that pulses are not more than Rs 100 per kg anywhere in the state. When the minister made this claim, the media persons present there asked him that which is the place where pulses are available at Rs 100 per kg. On this, Minister Surya Pratap Shahi could not say anything, he was just seen laughing. In such a situation, we would like to ask the minister that where will you see inflation. When did you buy green vegetables and pulses for the last time?

Minister ji, if you had gone to the shop you would have known the real quality of the pulses!

The claim of the UP Agriculture Minister regarding pulses and his laughter show how much he knows about the ground conditions of the state. Our question to the minister is, have you ever gone to the market and shopped yourself? If you have ever bargained for pulses at a shop, then you would definitely know its real price. After all, you would know how the common people are buying pulses, how much price they have to pay for it.

The public will tell you the price of flour and pulses during the elections… UP Agriculture Minister got into trouble after laughing at the question of expensive pulses

If this isn't a cruel joke on the poor, then what is it?

If the minister himself had shopped or asked the price in the shop, he would have understood the pain of the people. Then he would not have smilingly claimed that pulses are available at Rs 100 per kg, which is beyond facts. At present, Surya Pratap Shahi is surrounded by the statement given on the price of pulses. Common people are questioning his claim and the opposition parties are also cornering the government over his claim. The opposition accused the government of being unaware of the pain of the people troubled by rising inflation. He said that in the coming elections, the public will make the BJP aware of the price of 'flour and pulses'.

Kitchen Budget: Kitchen budget is spoiled, after green vegetables, the prices of chana dal and these spices are increasing!

Is the minister not aware of the ground situation?

The way the minister was seen laughing after mentioning the price of pulses shows how much the government knows about the ground situation. The price of pulses in different cities of UP is not less than 100 anywhere. People have to pay more than Rs 160 per kg for tur dal. The price of moong and urad dal is also more than Rs 100. Gram dal is definitely available for Rs 100 per kg. The rate of any other pulse is not less than Rs 100. In such a situation, the kind of claim that UP minister Surya Pratap Shahi is making is no less than a cruel joke for poor families. The claim that the minister is making should be implemented at the ground level as well. So that some smile can come on the face of common people too.

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