Opinion: Isn't the government ashamed of giving a certificate of honesty to NTA on NEET results?

Ananya Shroff
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On the ninth day, the sahab woke up. After protests, uproar and the matter reaching the court, the government has opened its mouth. And if it did, then for whom? For the students? No, for the NTA. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, in his very first statement on the ongoing controversy over the NEET exam, took the contract of honesty on behalf of the NTA. The sahab said – no corruption has taken place. The government is ready to answer the court. Minister, does the government have the option of not answering the Supreme Court? If not, then why are you beating the drum that the government will answer, as if answering will benefit the Supreme Court or the NEET candidates and their families. Think, this arrogance is when the angry voters on various issues have just bitten the dust.

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The slogan of crossing 400 vanished and we could not even cross 300. But it is said that when destruction looms over a man, his conscience dies first. The conscience of this government seems to be dying, otherwise as soon as the controversy over the NEET result deepened, the removal of NTA chief Vineet Joshi would have been announced immediately. But look at the sacrifice of intelligence – even after the matter went to the Supreme Court, far from taking any action, the government is giving statements in defense of NTA. Is it still proud of the fact that the general public is very innocent, it will understand only what is explained to it?

If this is not so, then how did Dharmendra Pradhan ignore all the circumstances and say that there was no corruption. If there was no corruption, then the arrest of the NEET student in Bihar and the arrest of other people based on his information, all this is wrong? If this is so, then why does Dharmendra Pradhan's ministry or NTA not file a case against Bihar Police? Will any of them dare to declare the accused arrested in Bihar as innocent? If the action of Bihar Police is correct or at least there is no concrete evidence of its being wrong, then on what basis has NTA been given a certificate of honesty?

Opinion: Children give the exam by shedding blood and sweat, doubts on NEET will cost the government heavily
NTA says that the results of NEET Exam 2024 will come on June 14. Then the result is released on June 4 without any information. The interesting thing is that the attention of the whole country and the media of the whole country is on the results of the Lok Sabha elections that came on the same day. The news of NEET result gets buried somewhere in the media. Doesn't this act of NEET fulfill the saying 'Tinka in the thief's beard'? What was the purpose of giving the result secretly without any information 10 days before the scheduled date? The answer to this question has come. NTA said that if the result was ready, it would not have been right to hold it for 10 days. By releasing the result earlier, the process of counseling and admission would have been completed on time. But what is happening now? Forget about time, who knows the Supreme Court may cancel the exam itself.

There are many other indications that the NEET exam has been rigged. For the first time, 67 students have got full 720 marks. This figure is about 17-18 times the normal. Till now, a maximum of 3-4 students used to get 720 out of 720 marks. This time, six students who got full marks are from the same exam centre. NTA says that this is just a coincidence. Wow, all the coincidences are happening this time! Look at the coincidence that the result was ready 10 days ago and coincidentally more than 1500 students got the OMR sheet late and a new tradition of giving them grace marks had to be started. Then if the decision to give grace marks is completely based on honesty, then why is it being withdrawn and why are 1500 students having to take the exam again? Why is the Supreme Court not being questioned and why is it not being told that the system of grace marks is absolutely correct? Okay, the people running NTA are eminent personalities from the country's top exam UPSC, but doesn't that mean that the rest of the public is completely stupid and doesn't understand anything?

There is still time, mend your ways. There is still a chance, take action against NTA. The first action should be to announce the immediate removal of the NTA chairman. Anyway, the matter is in the Supreme Court, so only it can order this action. If this happens, then oh government, you will lose a big opportunity. The general public will feel that the government stood with the corrupt, the Supreme Court understood their pain and paved the way for justice. Think, if this happens, how badly the government that is running a campaign against corruption will be thrashed? Pradhan ji, you are worried about your favorite IAS, whom you gave a job, but who will worry about the Prime Minister and his entire government, who gave you a job?

We have seen 10 days ago on June 4 what the result will be if the credibility of the government is at stake. So stop considering the common people as fools and at least pretend to stand with them. How do you know what the students and their families suffer after years of hard work just on the suspicion of rigging. How do you know what will happen when the NEET exam is cancelled and the children will have to take the exam again. Just know this, if the public is worried today, then tomorrow the leaders will also get worried as soon as they get a chance. You are not full proof. The saying 'you reap what you sow' is not going to go in vain.

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