Opinion: Hinduism has differences but Islam wants unity! Understand Jinnah's secular politics

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Today, a large section of Muslims in the country is again openly displaying divisive mentality, but the entire opposition is calling Hindutva poisonous. They also know that if they benefit by winning elections and reach the seat of power, it is possible only because there is a large number of Hindus here. But they see all the evils of the world in Hindutva only. Then they also cleverly tell that the Hindutva they oppose is something else and real Hindutva is something else. But how did they dare to say the same thing about Islam. The same thing was raised by the anchor of the program Ashok Srivastava in a debate show on the government television channel DD News. When he asked the Samajwadi Party spokesperson, who was explaining the secrets of Hindutva, whether he would be able to tell the same secret in Islam, he remained silent. The anchor kept asking again and again, the SP leader kept avoiding the question again and again. He could not muster the courage to utter the word Islam even once.

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Islamic terrorists are spread all over the world, but the poison is in Hindutva!

Former Congress President and recently elected Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi also says that Hindutva and RSS are a threat to the country. He even said in the Lok Sabha that those who call themselves Hindus commit violence 24 hours a day, live in hatred and lie. Then when the ruling party questioned this, he immediately smartly said that he has said this about the BJP people, not about all Hindus. So are the leaders, workers and their supporters associated with BJP violent Hindus? Social media user Vijay Patel has given a strong reply to this comment of Rahul. He wrote, 'Rahul Gandhi is so brave that he is fighting against Hindutva! That's why I am telling the names of 143 Hindutva terrorist organizations around the world. Our earth and the entire human race are in danger because of these Hindutva terrorist organizations. I will show you all those names.' Patel has posted a list of Islamic terrorist organizations spread around the world with this taunt. You also see…

The truth of secular politics- Divide Hindus, keep Muslims united

Well, this was about the so-called secular mindset of turning truth into lie and lie into truth. Now let us talk about how the same secular brigade, which sees a difference between Swami Vivekananda and BJP's Hindutva, covers up the flaws of Islam. No one can deny that caste is a reality in Hindu society. But hasn't Hindu society changed itself with changing times? Isn't the hold of castes weakening rapidly today? On the other hand, what about Muslims? Are there no castes there? Are there no sects there? Don't the upper castes of Muslims dominate the entire community? But those who leave no stone unturned to make Hindus fight among themselves in the name of caste, want unity among Muslims. There is only one mindset behind this, Hindus should not vote one-sidedly by getting divided into castes and if the so-called secular party gets a large number of votes from Muslims, then it is good. For this, they are ready to push the country and society into the abyss and on top of that they have the audacity to call themselves the most pious. This is the reality of secular parties. If Muslims are divided on the basis of caste and class, they will no longer be a vote bank. Then how will the hypocritical politics of secularism work? From this video clip, you can understand very well to what extent sectarianism exists in Islam.

Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise due to political patronage

Today, forget about illiterate and backward Muslims, even celebrity type Muslims from different fields avoid singing the national song and the national anthem. They will not say Bharat Mata Ki Jai, they will not say Vande Mataram. They have a thousand reasons for this and the so-called secular brigade has even more reasons. It is surprising that the community which has become synonymous with violence in the whole world is waving the flag of secularism in India. There is no corner of the world where terrorism is not linked to Muslims. But the secular community of India sees danger from Hindutva. This is the same mentality of Mohammad Ali Jinnah who divided India into two parts. This is the same mentality of Jinnah who said that Hindus are so full of hatred that Muslims cannot live with them. Today, in just seven decades, wherever you look among Hindus, they are desperate to prove themselves to be a bigger Jinnah than others – I am the biggest well-wisher of Muslims, I can get you to abuse me as much as you want.

The plight of Hindus for Muslim vote bank

Doordarshan anchor Ashok Srivastava has also expressed grief over this in his post. On his debate clip going viral, he writes, 'Is it not true that abusing Hindus, insulting them, conspiring to divide Hindus has become the favorite game of some political parties and leaders nowadays? Somewhere programs like ending Hindutva are being organized, somewhere speeches are being given to completely eliminate my religion by calling it AIDS, dengue, malaria. I am sad and angry with all this and then that day Rahul Gandhi in Parliament called the world's most peaceful, most tolerant Hindu religion violent and spreading hatred. The anger and pain of all this came out of my mouth in the form of a few words.' He further says, 'And when this clip went viral, I realized that whatever I said that day was not my voice alone but the voice of the heart of crores of Hindus. It is hoped that those, including Rahul Gandhi, who portray Hindus as violent, suffering from AIDS, dengue and malaria and talk of total destruction of Sanatan, will understand the sentiments of crores of Hindus and refrain from repeating such heinous acts.

What is the ecosystem of Congress? PM Modi warned in Lok Sabha after reading the Supreme Court's comment

Who sees the truth? Lies and deceit are prevalent

In fact, if you want to understand what is called 'andhergardi' (infidelity), then keep observing the activities and statements of these so-called secular and liberal parties and their leaders. You will understand that those who call their opponents 'andhbhakts' are actually stuck in the swamp of irrationality. The funny thing is that they themselves have chosen this swamp and are enjoying it. They do not regret at all about where their petty desire for vote bank has led the society, in which direction the country is going. Their condition has become such that they are ready to stoop to any level for the votes of Muslims. They do not hesitate to call day as night and night as day, violence as non-violence and peace as storm. This is the height of shamelessness that they neither want to learn a lesson from the past, nor are they alert to the events of the present, nor do they care about the future at all. If they get a lump sum of votes, then any group can make them do whatever it wants. Indian politics has long since abandoned truth and is now sinking into the abyss, and lies and deceit are dominating. The so-called secular parties are holding the torch of this politics in their hands, but a dilemma can be felt even in the BJP, which has become the contractor of Hindutva. In Uttar Pradesh, dead bodies were strewn at a Baba's event, but the government does not have the courage to file an FIR against that Baba. Who will take the risk of spoiling the vote bank?

Hindus are suffocating in their own country

After reading this article, a section of people will see hatred in me, but the same section will tell why there is anger among Muslims in Kashmir or any other part of the country. It will tell that in reality Muslims are being provoked, they are being pushed to the margins. The same section will tell what efforts should be made to win the hearts of Muslims. Just think, the Muslims who massacred thousands of Hindus in Kashmir, who left the dead bodies of Hindus in many violent actions including Direct Action Day, Moplah massacre, there is a need to win their hearts even today, but if a Hindu who has suffered massacre on small issues expresses his pain, then it becomes hatred. This is the sting of secularism in India. Such a song of secularism is a terrible dirge of any country, society. Just think, how Muslims in the country were scared in the case of Nupur Sharma. This is not a matter of the sixth century, this is a horrific incident of just one year ago when eight innocent Hindus were brutally murdered. But the problem is in Hindutva. Those who point out this flaw in Hinduism are seculars who read the message of peace in Islam. This is the biggest irony of the present times.

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