Only one SIM card for one person! Will this break the network of terrorists and stop black money?

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New Delhi: There are small shops in some villages situated on the border of Odisha and Chhattisgarh, where SIM card fraud is carried out. SIM card swapping, many SIM cards are issued in the name of one person and sold in bulk to terrorist or extremist organizations. Along with this, people are also being cheated online in other parts of the country by becoming customer care callers. In these shops, students who have studied or failed in 8th-10th remain glued to the phone all day and keep cheating people. Cyber ​​forensic and cyber law expert Sonali Guha said that in the remote areas of the country, many SIM cards are issued by getting thumb impressions repeatedly on one Aadhar card by giving the pretext of getting many SIM cards, which are sold secretly. They get good money for this. Recently, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has advocated one SIM card for one person in a case. Let us understand from the experts how effective this method is and how big the danger is.

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On average, 23,000 cyber crimes occur every day

According to a survey by Norton Lifelock, an international organization working on consumer cyber security, about 62 percent of Indians faced fraud during online shopping during the festive season last year. According to the report of, an organization working on cyber security, 100 crore emails were received worldwide in the last 1 year, in which every fifth person became a victim of fraud. About 1,000 cases of online fraud are being reported every hour. At the same time, according to a survey by Future Crime Research Foundation, an organization associated with IIT Kanpur, an average of 23 thousand cyber crimes are happening every day. The recent Mahadev betting app scam case is a big example of this.

35 SIM cards were collected for online fraud

The Punjab and Haryana High Court recently urged the Centre to step up efforts to monitor and regulate the issuance of multiple prepaid SIM cards to individuals amid rising cases of online fraud. The order was part of the 'Sumit Nandwani vs State of Haryana' case in which the court last month rejected the bail plea of ​​a Haryana man who had allegedly acquired 35 SIM cards to carry out online scams. He was arrested. A single bench of Justice Anoop Chitkara said that no person should be issued more than one SIM card.

Online fraud happened due to message received on WhatsApp

The case dates back to last year when a man said he received a message on WhatsApp asking if he wanted to earn money by working from home. The sender initially gave him some money which led him to deposit more money and eventually he was duped of over Rs 8 lakh. Police found that Nandwani worked as a point-of-sale agent who activated and used the SIM numbers used in the scam.

Money was withdrawn from Bitcoin through Hawala by selling bank accounts and SIM cards in Dubai, this fraud case of Faridabad will surprise you

Now how many SIM cards can be issued on one ID?

According to the rules of the Ministry of Telecommunications, at present 9 mobile connections can be taken on one ID. At present, the government has already clarified that it is not considering limiting the number of SIM cards on one ID. Sonali Guha says that this proposal is good, but there will be many problems in it. India does not have such a system yet, nor is it ready for it yet. There is still no proper mechanism to deal with SIM card fraud here. Portals like Sanchar Sathi have been created, but it is still in its initial stage. In the coming days, the government will have to create a strong mechanism for this, because terrorists or extremists in the country carry out large-scale crimes by obtaining fake SIM cards or SIM cards are being used for money laundering and sending black money through hawala.

SIM card data

Multiple SIM cards can be made by repeatedly placing thumb impression on one Aadhaar

Cyber ​​forensics and law expert Ayush Guha says that the recommendation of one SIM card per person is a good thing. But, SIM card companies doing international marketing will then start issuing virtual SIM cards or e-SIM cards. Tracking them will become even more difficult. Right now, if there is a physical SIM card, it is easy to track from the tower. Many SIM cards are made by taking thumb impressions repeatedly on one Aadhaar. That is why such networks flourish more in villages or remote areas.

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Virtual SIM card available abroad, monitoring is good

According to Ayush Guha, virtual SIM cards are used more than physical SIM cards in foreign countries. There is no limit on SIM cards there, but records of every SIM are kept. Even how many calls were made from which SIM or when was it activated or what online work was done with it. In India, it is only with corporate houses, common people do not have access to it. There is no strong mechanism for virtual SIM cards here.

Various types of crimes are committed using SIM cards.

SIM Swap Fraud: According to Sonali Guha, in this the hackers transfer the SIM card in your name to themselves and can control your phone calls and messages. Along with this, they can access your bank account and misuse your personal information.

Phishing: In this, hackers send you fake calls, SMS or emails and ask for personal and sensitive information like bank account details, password and OTP. This information can be used in their crimes.

SIM Card Cloning: Using this technique hackers can make a duplicate of your SIM card. With this duplicate SIM card they can make calls and send messages in your name and gain unauthorized access to your account.

Identity Theft: Hackers can steal your personal identity, such as your name, address and financial details, through the SIM card. This gives them the possibility of being involved in other crimes.

SMS/Call Fraud: In this, hackers send spam calls or messages from unknown numbers to promote fraudulent schemes like fake lottery winnings, job offers or investment opportunities. In these schemes, they ask you for money or personal information.

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This way you can avoid fraud or crime related to SIM card.
1. Protection against SIM swap fraud:

  • Stay in constant touch with your service provider and inform them about any unusual activity on the SIM card.
  • If your SIM card suddenly stops working or you are unable to get service on your phone, notify your service provider immediately.

2. Protection against phishing:

  • Never answer calls, SMS or emails from unknown sources.
  • Never share your personal information like passwords, bank account details or OTP with any stranger.

3. Protection against SIM card cloning:

  • If your SIM card has been copied, immediately contact your service provider and inform them about it.
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen SIM card to the police and service provider.

4. Identity theft protection:

  • Keep your personal information secure and do not share it with unauthorized recipients.
  • Keep an eye on the security of your bank accounts and other online accounts.

5. SMS/Call fraud protection:

  • Ignore and do not respond to spam calls and messages from unknown numbers.
  • Before joining any fraudulent scheme, check its complete information and evaluate its credibility.

By adopting these measures you can avoid crimes committed through SIM cards. Always be alert and take care of your personal safety.

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