On the opposition's demand to save the Constitution, the BJP played the emergency card and responded by bringing a censure motion in the House

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On the opposition's demand to save the Constitution, the BJP played the emergency card and responded by bringing a censure motion in the House

New Delhi: The ruling BJP, which has been facing allegations of attack on the Constitution and democracy for a long time, on Wednesday tried to hit back at the Congress by bringing a censure motion on the Emergency imposed in 1975 from the newly elected Speaker Om Birla in Parliament. On June 25, the country completed 49 years of Emergency. In such a situation, the BJP, which is facing allegations and attacks of attack on the Constitution and weakening the Constitution, decided to respond to these allegations in a very planned manner. The ruling party remained aggressive on this issue, while the opposition was seen giving a measured response to it. When the Speaker moved the censure motion in the House, it was strongly opposed by the Congress. Congress MPs were seen standing up and protesting and raising slogans. The rest of the opposition parties stayed away from it. According to the Congress MP, during this time Congress MPs were seen cornering the government citing NEET, Manipur, unemployment, political arrests by ED, CBI and IT department, arrests of opposition leaders from the current CM, undeclared emergency going on in the country for the last ten years.speaker's censure motion
On the 50th anniversary of the Emergency, a censure motion was passed in the Lok Sabha amid uproar from opposition parties. In his motion, the Speaker said that this House strongly condemns the decision to impose Emergency in the country in 1975. Along with this, we appreciate the resolve of all those people who strongly opposed the Emergency, fought an unprecedented struggle and took up the responsibility of protecting India's democracy. That day of 25 June 1975 will always be known as a black chapter in the history of India. On this day, the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency in the country and fiercely attacked the Constitution made by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. The Speaker said that dictatorship was imposed on the country by Indira Gandhi, India's democratic values ​​were crushed and freedom of expression was strangled.

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This was the period when opposition leaders were jailed, the entire country was turned into a prison. The then dictatorial government had imposed many restrictions on the media and also curbed the autonomy of the judiciary. Describing the Emergency as an 'era of injustice' and a 'dark period' in the history of the independent country, he said that the Congress government of that time took many such decisions which crushed the soul of our Constitution. Referring to the arrests made under the MISA Act, he said that the then government ensured that our courts could not give justice to those arrested under MISA. The Parliamentary Proceedings (Protection of Publications) Repeal Act, the Press Council (Repeal) Act and the Prohibition of Publication of Objectionable Material Act were introduced to prevent the media from writing the truth. It was during this dark period that the 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st and 42nd amendments were made in the Constitution. Not only this, the Speaker also observed two minutes of silence in the House in memory of those killed during the Emergency.

Cornered BJP and supported NDA
After the House proceedings ended, Union ministers and NDA MPs protested on the steps of the Parliament House and raised slogans against the Congress for imposing emergency in the country and also demanded an apology. Union ministers Kiren Rijiju and Prahlad Joshi, who were leading the protest, demanded an apology from the Congress for imposing emergency. BJP and NDA MPs were seen raising slogans of 'Congress shame on emergency' and 'apologize for emergency' in the Parliament House complex with placards in their hands. Other MPs including Union ministers Ashwini Vaishnaw, Prahlad Joshi, Kiren Rijiju and JDU's Lallan Singh participated in the protest.

When the speaker stands up… Om Birla gave advice to the MPs on the very first day
BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra said that it is necessary to show the mirror to those who talk about saving the Constitution and those who hold its copy in their hands. These are the same people who tried to erase the Constitution. That is why we are hearing this slogan – Rahul Gandhi 'Apologize'. Union Minister Lallan Singh targeted the Congress and said that the party which tore the Constitution into pieces by imposing Emergency has no right to talk about protecting constitutional values. Whose (Rahul Gandhi's) grandmother Indira Gandhi had imposed Emergency. What right does she have to talk about the Constitution today?

Modi-Shah also targeted
PM Modi also targeted Congress through social media regarding the Emergency. He wrote that I am happy that the Lok Sabha Speaker strongly condemned the Emergency, exposed the excesses committed during that time and also told how democracy was strangled. Keeping silence in respect of all the people who suffered during the Emergency was also a wonderful gesture. Modi wrote that the Emergency was imposed 50 years ago. But it is important for today's youth to know about it, because it is a perfect example of what happens when the Constitution is trampled, public opinion is suppressed and institutions are destroyed. The events during the Emergency gave an example of dictatorship.

BJP won in the first round of messages and signals, know the story of Rahul's change in attitude in 24 hours
Union Home Minister Amit Shah wrote on social media that this resolution of Parliament has exposed the dictatorial mindset of the Congress, which had centralized all the powers with one person by making several sensitive amendments to the Constitution during the dark period of Emergency. NDA constituent TDP MP and Union Minister K Ram Mohan Naidu said on this issue that the Emergency is a dark day for a country like India. When the condemnation motion was being brought in the House regarding the Emergency, why was the opposition, especially the Congress, creating a ruckus? Why do they support it, do they want the Emergency to come again?

Response to mixed reviews
The opposition gave a measured response on this issue. SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav said that whatever happened in the name of emergency in the House today was a sham. During the emergency, not only BJP and its leaders went to jail, many people including Samajwadi Party went to jail. But the question is how much and for how long will we look back. Will we keep talking about old things? He also clearly denied the talk of disintegration of the opposition. A big leader of an NDA constituent party said on the condition of anonymity that today was the election of the Speaker, in such a situation, bringing this censure motion on emergency was not appropriate in any way.

Why was this step taken?
The BJP, which is constantly facing allegations of attack on the Constitution and democracy from the opposition, recently lost the absolute majority due to the issue of Constitution, due to which the BJP feels that it should counter the allegations being leveled against it. The way the opposition MPs read the oath with copies of the Constitution in their hands in the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha, the ruling party was somewhere on the back foot. In such a situation, after the Speaker's election was completed without any hindrance, the ruling party thoughtfully passed a censure motion on the Emergency in the House. However, a glimpse of the government and BJP's intention to counterattack the main opposition on the Emergency was seen when at the beginning of the session PM Modi reprimanded the Congress on the Emergency. It is clear from Wednesday's incident that this series of confrontations in the House will continue.

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