Om Birla got angry at opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi's reply created uproar

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: On Tuesday, as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi started speaking to respond to the discussion on the motion of thanks related to the President's address, the opposition members started creating a ruckus. Despite repeated refusals by the Lok Sabha Speaker, the opposition members continued the ruckus. Om Birla looked very angry at the ruckus created by the opposition and ignoring the words of the Lok Sabha Speaker. Om Birla told the opposition members that this method is not right. During this, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla got angry at opposition leader Rahul Gandhi.

When opposition members mentioned Manipur, the Speaker said that the member from Manipur got the opportunity to speak only yesterday.
The entire opposition is making a lot of noise during PM Modi's speech. PM Modi said that the people of India have given us a chance to serve the country for the third time. This in itself is a very big event for the democratic world. This is a matter of great pride. The people of the country have given us this mandate after testing us on every criterion.

PM Modi said that the public has seen our track record of 10 years. The public has seen how much we have benefited from the dedication with which we have worked for the welfare of the poor. This country has seen the politics of appeasement for a long time. We have moved forward with the idea of ​​satisfaction, not appeasement.

On Monday, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi had cornered the government on several issues in the Lok Sabha. The issue was discussed till late last night. Today, SP president Akhilesh Yadav raised the issue of EVMs in the House. Opposition members are continuously raising slogans of 'Give justice, give justice'.

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