Om Birla became the speaker again, know how much salary the Lok Sabha speaker gets and what facilities he gets

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Om Birla became the speaker again, know how much salary the Lok Sabha speaker gets and what facilities he gets

New Delhi: Om Birla has been elected Lok Sabha Speaker for the second consecutive time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed his name. The proposal to make him the Speaker was passed by voice vote. Like the members of Parliament, the tenure of the Lok Sabha Speaker is also 5 years. The Speaker presides over the Lok Sabha session and conducts the work of the House. Let us know what is the salary of the Lok Sabha Speaker, what kind of facilities he gets. Let us further tell you what responsibilities he has to perform as the Lok Sabha Speaker.

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How much salary does the speaker of Lok Sabha get?

The Lok Sabha speaker is a member of Parliament. As such, he receives salary, allowances and pension under the Parliament Act 1954. This Act was amended in December 2010.

, Under this special Act, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha receives a salary of Rs 1 lakh per month.

, The Speaker of the Lok Sabha also gets a constituency allowance of Rs 70 thousand per month.

, The Speaker receives a daily allowance of Rs 2,000 during his entire tenure while attending parliamentary sessions or meetings of other committees. He is also paid a courtesy allowance of Rs 2,000.

, As per the Parliament Bill 2010, the Speaker receives a monthly pension of Rs 20,000 as a Member of Parliament after completion of the term.

, Apart from pension, the Chairman is also given an additional allowance of Rs 1500.

Bungalow, car, free treatment… MPs become special from ordinary as soon as they take oath, know what facilities they will get

Lok Sabha Speaker will get these facilities

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is given many facilities like the Cabinet Ministers.

, He and his family are given travel allowance equal to that of the Cabinet of the House.
, The facilities provided to the Lok Sabha speaker, whether he is travelling within the country or on a foreign tour, include free accommodation, free travel and free meals.

, The Chairman is also provided with bungalow facility by the Government of India during his entire tenure.

, Along with accommodation, the Chairman is also provided with free electricity, free phone calls up to a certain limit, free servant and free staff.

, Apart from these, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and his family also get free medical facilities.

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