Oh my God, how much care PM Modi takes! He made a record in the division of departments so that nothing gets leaked

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi:The Modi government takes full care that its policy decisions are not leaked. Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not like outside interference in the decisions of his government. For this reason, every effort is made to keep even the smallest decisions secret. This time when the new cabinet took oath, a new method was adopted to keep the division of departments among the ministers secret. When the ministers were called for the first cabinet meeting, they were handed envelopes and told which department they had got.

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Information about the departments came one by one

In Modi Government 3.0, 30 ministers have been given cabinet status. These 30 cabinet ministers were given envelopes, which not only had the names of their departments mentioned, but also the names of their subordinate ministers of state. This is the reason why this time the information about the departments of the ministers was coming to the media one by one. As the envelopes were being opened and the ministers were giving information to the media, flashes were coming on television channels.

Information about the departments was given in an envelope in the cabinet meeting

On the other hand, after the swearing-in, the ministers remained glued to the TV to get information about their departments. Along with this, they were also checking the website of Rashtrapati Bhavan hoping that the list would come and they would get to know about their departments. But after waiting for 18 hours, they got to know about their departments not from the TV or website but through envelopes. Their wait ended when they reached Lok Kalyan Marg for the first cabinet meeting of the new government. Sources told our sister newspaper Times of India (TOI) that an envelope was kept at their seat to welcome them, in which their departments as well as the names of the state ministers associated with their ministries were written.

This time the departments have to wait a long time

During the last two tenures of PM Narendra Modi, the President's Secretariat used to release the information by noon, but this time the wait was long. Actually, in 2014, the information of many departments was leaked on the day of swearing-in. Therefore, this time the media did not even get a hint till the cabinet meeting. The result was that after the cabinet meeting was over, the names started appearing on TV screens and websites after 6.30 pm. The final list of ministers was released at 7:30 pm.

Modi government made a record

Those who keep an eye on the government say that this is probably the first time that the departments of the ministers have been written on paper and kept in an envelope. That means the Modi government has made a record this time. The final list of ministers was made public at around 7:30 in the evening. At that time, the state ministers including those with independent charge came to know about their ministries.

(With inputs from Times of India News)

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