Now when the bouncers pushed Dhanush's fan, people got angry and said- what is he so proud of?

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Recently, Nagarjuna's airport video created a lot of uproar, in which the actor's bouncer pushed a disabled person forcefully. This incident was captured on camera and also went viral on social media. Seeing this, people's anger increased so much that Nagarjuna himself had to apologize on social media. Now a similar video of South actor Dhanush has also surfaced and once again people's anger has erupted on social media.

Dhanush will also be seen in the film 'Kubera' with Nagarjuna. After the Nagarjuna incident, now a video of Dhanush has surfaced from the set in which his bouncers are seen pushing a fan.

Dhanush's bodyguard pushes a fan

In this video, Dhanush is seen going towards the beach with his full security and his fans are seen moving towards him to take photos and videos. During this, the actor's bodyguards pushed him. People are angry after seeing all this. People are asking that if he is so allergic to fans then why does he shoot in public places, he should stay indoors.

'Brother, if this is the case then don't go out, stay at home'

One user has said- I don't know what these film stars are so proud of. One said- When the film releases, don't go to see it, their arrogance will be exposed. One said- Brother, if this is the case then don't go in public, stay at home. Another user said- Why do these people show off so much, there is a lot of drama going on.

Dhanush's song 'Kolaveri Di' became very famous

Nagarjuna posted a video of this incident and apologized to everyone

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that a Tamil celebrity has been criticized for such behavior. Surya and Karthi's father Sivakumar also once snatched the cellphone of a fan who tried to take a selfie without his permission. This incident was much talked about and Sivakumar was trolled a lot by people. Ajith Kumar also tried to snatch a fan's phone and for this he also had to face a lot of criticism from the people.

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