Now there are not one but two Rahuls… What did Sambit Patra, who reached the Lok Sabha for the first time, say

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : During the President's address in the Lok Sabha, many taunts and statements were seen from the ruling party and the opposition. After Rahul Gandhi and Mahua Moitra's taunts on PM Modi, BJP too was not far behind. BJP MP from Puri, Odisha, Sambit Patra took a dig at opposition leader Rahul Gandhi.

'He is happy, we are happy, the country is happy, who is sad?'

Sambit Patra said that we are happy. Naturally our government has been formed. The people of the country are happy that Modi ji's government was formed. Patra said that look at the irony, those whom we considered sad are also happy. He said that we are happy, the country is happy and they are also happy, then who is in danger and who is afraid.

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“We felt double the joy”

BJP MP Patra said that we are feeling double happiness. He said that we are happy that we have formed the government and we are happy that the leader of the opposition is Rahul Gandhi. He said that there is not one Rahul ji, there are two Rahuls. Patra said that Rahul himself has said today that he is not one but two. The BJP MP said that when so much benefit has been gained from one Rahul, then how much will the people standing with the opposition benefit from two Rahuls.

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Told Rahul about the property

The BJP MP said that there is no doubt that Rahul ji is an asset. He said that the opposition parties will also agree that Rahul ji is an asset and now we have double the assets. Patra mentioned Rahul Gandhi's happiness over not forming the government. He said that Rahul is sad about why BJP could not cross 400.

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