Now the freshness and aroma of spices will not be affected, Chef Pankaj told the right way to store them

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The taste of Indian food is unique, the spices used in it change the entire taste. Just as the spices are measured and added to make any dish tasty, it is equally important to keep them safe. Otherwise, not only the taste but also the aroma is affected and then they cannot be used.

However, due to lack of proper storage, the risk of spices getting spoiled remains in any season, be it summer or rainy season. If the colour of the spices has changed from dark to light and there is no fragrance, it means that the spices have gone bad. Therefore, we are telling you the tips of Chef Pankaj Bhadoria to maintain the fragrance, freshness and colour of the spices.

Avoid these 2 things

According to Master Chef Pankaj Bhadoria, while storing spices, you have to protect them from two things. That is sunlight and heat. In such a situation, you have to keep the spices in a place where there is no light and heat. This tip will help in maintaining the fragrance and color.

This is how you should store it

To store spices, use air tight containers instead of plastic containers. For this you can use jars or small steel boxes. By storing in this way, you will be able to protect the spices from moisture and they will remain safe for a long time.

While filling the container with spices, check thoroughly that no water droplets remain anywhere. As a precaution, wipe the container with a clean cloth and dry it in the sun. Add the spices only after this.

It's also a good idea to make packets

It's also a good idea to make packets

Chef Pankaj Bhadoria has told another way to store spices. If you have prepared spices in large quantity, then keep them in small packets. In such a case, take out one packet and use it and store the rest of the packets inside the fridge. If you want, you can easily store the spices in the window shelf of the fridge.

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