Now seeds will not bother you while cutting capsicum, Chef Ajay Chopra told the expert method

Ananya Shroff
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Capsicum is considered to be very useful among vegetables. Because it is used in many ways. The taste of capsicum is amazing in vegetables, chilli paneer to pizza. Not only this, it is also beneficial for health, it is effective in weight loss, keeping the eyes healthy and many diseases apart from anemia.

People like to eat capsicum because it is not only tasty but also beneficial for health, but hardly everyone knows the right way to cut it. In such a situation, Chef Ajay Chopra has shared a video on social media and told the professional way of cutting capsicum. With the help of these tricks, you too can cut capsicum like an expert.

First trick

Chef Ajay Chopra's first trick to cutting capsicum is to remove the stalk of the capsicum. Now tear it with your hand and separate the seeds. After this, he cuts the vegetables in a random manner. He says that cutting capsicum in this way is helpful while preparing vegetables.

Second trick

In this trick, Chef Ajay first cuts the upper and lower parts of the capsicum and makes a vertical cut on one side. After this, he separates the white part of the capsicum by rotating the knife inwards. He tells that now you can cut this capsicum in any shape like dice, brunoise, julienne, small dice.

Learn the method of chopping from Chef Ajay

Third trick

Third trick

Now in the last and third trick, Chef Ajay Chopra suggests cutting the capsicum into 4 equal pieces. He also tells that the white part of the capsicum can be removed and in this way clean wedges can be easily obtained. In such a situation, you can cut the capsicum of your choice in these three ways.

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