Now if there is a delay in the project, the concerned ministry will be responsible, the government will question and answer, know what is the preparation

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New Delhi: The central government is considering new rules for infrastructure projects. Under these rules, if the cost of a project increases by 15% from the initial estimate, then the concerned ministries and departments will have to explain the reason for the delay. According to sources, these new rules are being brought to make ministries and departments accountable. These rules will enable in-depth analysis of costs and will ensure that projects are completed on time without any unnecessary expenditure.How many projects were delayed?
According to the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI), out of 1873 infrastructure projects, 449 projects have seen cost overruns. A total of ₹5.01 lakh crore has been spent on these 449 projects and 779 projects are incomplete as of March 2024. It is worth noting that the cost of all these projects is more than ₹150 crore. These incomplete projects have an average delay of 36.04 months.

There is now a growing view within the government that monitoring of projects should be more stringent so that they are completed on time and delays are avoided. Many ministries are demanding additional funds but are not giving any concrete information about the reasons for the delay or when the project will be completed.

Accountability will be decided in a phased manner
A senior government official told the Economic Times that delays in projects must be stopped. In the last two budgets, unnecessary delays in projects led to an additional burden of at least ₹50,000 crore. The official said preliminary discussions are underway between various ministries and a new framework is likely to be in place by the end of this year. The proposed framework will seek to assign responsibility to an official for each stage. The time taken in approving the project, delay in releasing funds, time taken in the tender and selection process, and the reasons for delay in each stage will have to be explained.

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