Not only Rishi Sunak but Team India is also snatching away the happiness of the British

Ananya Shroff
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Not only Rishi Sunak but Team India is also snatching away the happiness of the British

Shailendra Pandey: Like the mischief of the eyes, the mischief of the lips also cannot be hidden. When former England cricket team captain Nasser Hussain and Michael Atherton were predicting the defeat of Team India in the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup, their failed attempts to push the smile to the corners of their lips were clearly visible.

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Why refer to history?

Both cricket giants had declared with great confidence that the final would be between England and South Africa. The basis of their confidence was India's losing streak in the knockout matches of ICC events in the last decade and the one-sided 10-wicket victory over Team India in the semi-finals of the last T-20 World Cup.

What a great sadness

The prediction did come true, but only halfway. The smile of the entire England has disappeared. Now in its place a sarcastic smile is emerging, which is saying that we played very badly, that the pitch was favorable to the Indians, etc. Another former captain Michael Vaughan drew attention to the facilities being given to India by the International Cricket Council, to which Ravichandran Ashwin replied by giving such a formula on X, which will require the help of Oxford to solve. But, there is nothing to be irritated. The sadness of the British can be understood, which does not seem to end. Whenever the poor guys try to be happy, some Indian comes and twists their ears. Were they not afraid of Rishi Sunak enough, who has attacked Team India with ration and water.

The greatest fear

Looking at the analysis of English commentators and cricket experts, it is clear that they have no bigger fear in the world than their team losing to India on the playing field. It is very difficult for them to digest that the country which their ancestors taught to play cricket is now defeating them. Earlier the world of cricket was run from Lord's and now India has taken it to the BCCI office. Not only the administration has gone out of hand, but the game is also going out of hand.

Badgeball of India

Whenever the English team tries to establish its dominance, the Indian team comes like a monitor and throws them out of class. Earlier this year, the English came to India with the banner of Badgeball. Then it was common talk that England has changed the way of playing Test cricket. But, what happened as soon as they came to Indian soil? From Visakhapatnam to Dharamsala, all the nuts and bolts of Badgeball were opened and spread. What happened in Guyana can also be compared to this fate. After both the results, there is a discussion going on in England that now the strategy should be changed.

Discussion on listening

But the problem before England is that if it changes its strategy regarding India, then where should it change? In the cricket field, in domestic politics, in the world economy or in diplomacy? In cricket, it can try to be happy for a few moments by remembering Adelaide 2022, but what to do about the rest?

uk news

Just like Team India has hurt the ego of England, Rishi Sunak has done something similar. Sunak is a student of Winchester College, Oxford and Stanford University, owns more wealth than the Queen and is the husband of a personality like Akshata Murthy. When he was about to become PM, there was a debate on the fact that he is not even fully British. But, these half British people have been taking the most news of Britain for the last two years.

Misplaced shot

In the semi-final in Guyana, English captain Jos Buttler went for a reverse sweep on the very first ball of Akshar Patel and lost his wicket. Rishi Sunak is sitting there in the PM House and playing reverse sweep every day and the wickets of his Conservative Party are falling. Rishi Sunak does not do all this intentionally, it just happens to him.

Failed PM

Now what is his fault that after his arrival the inflation rate crossed 11% and remained between two digits for the next seven months. It is also not his fault that after his arrival Britain had to face a crisis of living, due to which the standard of living of the common people fell, and electricity bills also started increasing. What is Sunak's fault for not having a free trade agreement with India and the failure of the Rwanda plan? But, the public is so after him that they have started criticizing everything from his shoes to the tea set used in the house.

The need for mercy

The world pitch has become rough and Britain has no answer to India's spin. We have already taken its place by pushing its economy out of the top 5. So many shocks on top of that – the British are not able to beg for mercy. Before the voting on July 4, the media there has named Sunak as the irritable sage. But it seems that the fear of India has made Britain irritable.

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