Nita Ambani is bringing Lakha Buti sarees from Banaras for her son's wedding, know their specialty

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Nita Ambani is bringing Lakha Buti sarees from Banaras for her son's wedding, know their specialty

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding is in constant discussion. First the couple's pre-wedding function took place in Jamnagar and later a second pre-wedding party was held on a cruise between France and Italy. Now the two are going to get married on July 12 and the Ambani family is busy in its preparations. On one hand, while VIP guests are being invited to their house, Nita Ambani was the first to reach Baba Vishwanath's temple in Banaras with the card.

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Here Nita not only sought blessings from God for her children, but also did wedding shopping. She met the artisans who make Banarasi sarees and bought about 60 sarees. Apart from this, she also placed special orders for Lakhha Buti sarees. So let's know what is so special about these sarees that Nita went to Banaras to buy them. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @nmacc.india)

100 sarees ordered

Actually, after visiting Kashi Vishwanath temple, Nita went out to eat chaat in the streets of Banaras, after which she called some weavers to her hotel to buy Banarasi sarees. Here she bought many sarees and also ordered at least 100 sarees. She especially liked Lakhha Buti sarees. Which take 60 to 62 days to make.

The Lakhha Buti design is inspired by the Mughal style.

The history of Banarasi saree is very old, which reflects the culture of Banaras. Usually these sarees are hand-woven with pure silk threads and zari work. Lakhha Buti is also a type of this. Lakhha Buta means small and delicate booties, which are woven finely into the cloth. The design in this is inspired by the Mughals. In which beautiful designs like flowers and leaves are made on the saree.

The process of making a saree is very long

Talking to ANI, an artisan Chhotalal Pal said that usually in making a saree, the loom was set on the edge near the Aanchal, which has to be set 3 times in Lakhha Buti. Due to which it takes two months to make a saree. Not only this, apart from the weaver, the help of 20 people is also taken in making it. First of all, a drawing is made to make a saree, then the layout is prepared. After this, they are cut by patching, then it reaches the handkerchief and then it is ready.

Gold and silver zari sarees were also ordered

According to reports, Nita has also ordered 15-20 such sarees. These sarees will have designs made with real zari as well as gold and silver threads. The price of these sarees ranges from 1.5-2 lakhs to 6 lakhs. Not only this, Nita has also bought a special saree, which is called Hazar Buti. This saree has been prepared in 40 to 45 days and 35 thousand silver bootis have been made on it.

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