New Criminal Law: New Criminal Law has a separate law on mob lynching, can lead to death penalty

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New Delhi : The era of IPC is over, new criminal laws have come into force in the country from July 1, i.e. Monday. Union Home Minister Amit Shah He said that with the implementation of the three new laws, justice will be provided instead of punishment and there will be quick hearing instead of delay. During this, he mentioned the law on mob lynching. He said that there was no provision for the crime of mob lynching in the earlier law. Now mob lynching has been defined for the first time in the new laws. In case of mob lynching, there is a provision of 7 years imprisonment or life imprisonment and even death penalty.

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There is a separate law on mob lynching, what can be the punishment?

Amit Shah said that after 77 years of independence, the criminal justice system is becoming indigenous. In the new laws, a separate law has been made on mob lynching. Under this law, the crime of causing physical injury is mentioned in Section 100-146. In case of mob lynching, the minimum punishment can be 7 years. There is also a provision of life imprisonment or death penalty. Apart from this, in case of murder, a case will be registered under Section 103. Section 111 provides for punishment for organized crime. Section 113 is called the Terror Act.

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These are the new criminal laws

The Indian Justice Code (BNS) 2023, the Indian Civil Security Code (BNSS) 2023 and the Indian Evidence Act (BSA) 2023 came into force across the country from Monday. These three laws have replaced the British-era laws, the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) and the Indian Evidence Act respectively. Amit Shah said that 99.9 percent of police stations across the country have been computerized. The process of creating e-records has also been started from 2019. Zero FIR, e-FIR and chargesheet will all be digital. In the new laws, forensic investigation will be mandatory in crimes punishable by seven years or more. In the judiciary too, 21 thousand subordinate judiciaries have been trained. 20 thousand government prosecutors have been trained.

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What did Amit Shah say on the new law

Amit Shah said that a lie is being spread that these laws were passed after the members of Parliament were thrown out. This is wrong. He said that in 2020, letters were written to all MPs, Chief Ministers, Supreme Court, High Court judges and suggestions were sought from them. The Home Secretary had sought suggestions in this regard from all the IPS and district officers of the country. Shah said that he himself held a review meeting of these laws 158 times. After this, they were sent to the Home Ministry committee. Then after an intense discussion on these for two and a half to three months, these bills were again passed by the Cabinet with 93 changes except for some political suggestions.

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