Nestle India Relaunches Rs 10 Pack of Nestle Maggi for Small Towns and Villages

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Nestle India reintroducing Maggi packet for Rs 10 (Courtesy:

In a delightful move for Maggi lovers, Nestle India Ltd has reintroduced its beloved noodle brand, Nestle Maggi, at an affordable price of Rs 10 in smaller towns and villages. This strategic move aims to regain the market share that Maggi lost due to rising prices in recent years. The iconic Maggi had seen its prices soar to Rs 14 per packet, causing concerns among its dedicated fan base.

The Price History of Nestle Maggi

In a nostalgic recall, Nestle used to offer a 100-gram packet of Maggi for just Rs 10. However, in December 2014, the company raised the price to Rs 12, citing the “rise in the cost of raw materials.” Subsequently, in February 2022, the price was further increased to Rs 14.

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Reintroducing Rs 10 Nestle Maggi

By reintroducing the Rs 10 pack of Maggi, weighing 40 grams, Nestle India Ltd hopes to rekindle its popularity in smaller towns and villages. In certain areas, you can even find Maggi priced at Rs 7, making it an even more accessible delight.

New Maggi Flavors

Nestle India has not only brought back the affordable Maggi but also introduced exciting new flavors to entice taste buds. Alongside the classic Maggi masala packet, they now offer Maggi special masala, Maggi spicy garlic, Maggi manchurian noodles, Teekha Masala, and Chatpata Masala variants.

Facing Competition

The decision to relaunch the Rs 10 pack of Maggi comes at a time when several other noodle brands, including Patanjali, Yipee, Top Ramen, and others, are posing stiff competition to the Swiss major in the market.

A Nestle Maggi Journey

In 2015, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had temporarily banned Maggi noodle products after sample tests revealed lead levels beyond permissible limits. However, Maggi made a triumphant return to the Indian markets in November 2015 after the Bombay High Court overturned the ban. The court ordered Nestle to undergo a retest at labs certified by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration, which the Swiss company successfully passed.

This relaunch of the Rs 10 Maggi pack is a heartening development for fans of the iconic noodles and is expected to bring smiles to households in smaller towns and villages across India.

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