NEET Update: The video of NEET paper leak is fake, what did NTA say in the Supreme Court

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NEET 2024 News Today: NTA has given a big update on NEET UG 2024. The National Testing Agency has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court calling the NEET paper leak video 2024 fake. NTA has filed this affidavit on Wednesday, July 10 in response to the report sought by the Supreme Court in the last hearing. Today on July 11 in SC Well But this is going to be important in the hearing, know what has been said in it?

What did NTA say on NEET in the Supreme Court?

It is stated in the affidavit that-

  • The timestamp in the video has been manipulated to create a false image of paper leak. But the edited image has a timestamp of 17:40 PM on May 5.
  • The discussion in the Telegram group also shows that the group members found this video to be fake. The date was deliberately changed to make it appear that the paper was leaked on May 4.

What evidence did NTA present in the court?

In support of its arguments, the National Testing Agency presented the following evidence before the Supreme Court to prove that the video was tampered with:

  • Screenshots of the fake video
  • A video created by a third party showing how the video can be tampered with and the date changed.

In the NEET hearing held on July 8, a bench headed by CJI DY Chandrachud had sought answers from the Central Government and NTA on the extent of paper leak and the possibility of isolating those involved. During the hearing, senior advocate Narendra Hooda had said that question papers were being circulated through the Telegram app (an electronic medium) on May 3 and 4 before the exam.

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