NEET Supreme Court hearing LIVE: There was no irregularity in NEET, Center denies rigging in Supreme Court

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NEET Hearing Today Live: Well 2024 is to be heard in the Supreme Court today i.e. on Thursday, July 11. But even before that, two big updates have come on NEET UG 2024. Both the central government and NTA have filed affidavits along with their replies. However, the replies of both the parties are against any kind of malpractice in the NEET UG exam. Today again CJI DY Chandrachud's bench is going to hear NEET. You will keep getting every news in this NEET Supreme Court hearing live update.

Hearing on NEET in Supreme Court today, LIVE update in Hindi

10:08 am, July 11

SC hearing on NEET 2024: What did the court say on July 8?

The Supreme Court had said that if the sanctity of the entire exam is affected and it is impossible to separate the beneficiaries of cheating from honest candidates, then a re-NEET may be required. However, given the huge impact on about 24 lakh students, re-examination would be the last option.

09:50 am, 11 July

NEET verdict today: Was there no mistake?

An affidavit has been filed by the central government in the Supreme Court on July 10. In this, the government has said that there has been no irregularity in the NEET 2024 exam. Citing IIT Madras, the Center said, 'According to the data analytics study done by experts from IIT Madras, there are no signs of any large-scale rigging in the exam.'

09:44 am, 11 July

NEET Update: Is the news of NEET paper leak a rumour?

NTA has filed an affidavit in the court and said that the video of NEET paper leak that went viral on Telegram is fake. NTA says that the video was edited and its timestamp was changed.

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