NEET: No admission even after getting merit, one mistake can prove costly, students knocked the door of Supreme Court

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Eight students who passed NEET have approached the Supreme Court. These students had taken provisional admission in Unani College but the AYUSH department did not regularize it. The students have appealed to the Supreme Court to direct the AYUSH department to regularize their admission in Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) course in Unani College. On the petition of the students, the Supreme Court said that it will hear after a week. Earlier, the students had appealed in the Madhya Pradesh High Court, from where they have approached the Supreme Court after not getting relief.

What did the students say?

The petitioners say that they Well After qualifying, they have taken provisional admission in BUMS course in Unani College in the session 2022-23. In such a situation, Ayush Department Bhopal should be directed to regularize their admission.

The petitioners say that their names appeared in the merit list but they were not called for registration and counseling. The AYUSH department did not issue them admission letters till the last date of admission. After this, they contacted the Unani college so that they could get provisional admission. After which a provisional admission letter was issued. Despite this, the AYUSH department has not regularized their admission.

What did the AYUSH department say?

In the case, the AYUSH department says that the petitioners did not register themselves on the online portal, which was to be done before counseling. They did not follow the necessary procedure and tried to get admission through the back door. According to the department, Unani colleges cannot give provisional admission. The academic session has also ended.

The High Court had declared it illegal

On the petition of the petitioners, the Madhya Pradesh High Court had said that they did not follow the procedure and did not participate in the counseling process. They have taken admission in the college illegally. This admission is illegal. The High Court dismissed the petition with the above remark.

NBT Lens: Eyes on the Supreme Court!

In this case, the High Court made a strong comment on backdoor entry and said that if it is allowed, it will not be good for the hard-working students. However, the successful NEET students have claimed in their petition filed in the Supreme Court that three out of eight had also registered on the portal. Still, they were not called for counseling.

The seats were vacant and they have got provisional admission. They have also sought permission to appear in the first year examination to be held from June 12, 2024. The Supreme Court will hear the matter next week. The situation will become clear only after the order passed by the court after looking at all the aspects. This matter is important in itself and all eyes are on the Supreme Court.

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