NEET: Everything is not okay yet! NEET exam may be cancelled even after counselling, big update from Supreme Court

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Supreme Court verdict on NEET 2024: Well But the decision has come. During the hearing on NEET in the Supreme Court on June 13, NTA has called the grace marks a mistake and said that it will withdraw it. Along with this, NTA is cancelling the NEET result of 1563 children and is also conducting a re-examination of NEET 2024 for them. But the matter does not end here. The fight is still going on. There is still a possibility of NEET paper being cancelled for everyone. The Supreme Court has indicated this.

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The issue of NEET grace marks is not over yet

NEET Grace Marks 2024 may have been withdrawn, but this has not ended the issue of grace marks. This grace number has raised questions on the functioning of NTA and the entire NEET exam. Along with this, the hearing on the NEET paper leak case is also pending, even though the Education Minister has denied the NEET paper leak.

After the hearing of NEET in the Supreme Court on Thursday, Alakh Pandey, CEO of Physics Wala, said- 'NTA admitted that grace marks were given in NEET for the first time. This had never happened before. I have 3 points on this-

First thing- NTA itself accepts after 7-8 days that what we did with the grace was wrong. They remove it. The question arises that did they themselves inform us about giving grace? No. They informed us when we caught the 719 and 718 scores. Does NTA do a lot more that we don't know about? Are there any other irregularities that we should look into? There is a matter of trust somewhere.

Second thing- Only those students have got grace marks and are getting a chance to appear in NEET exam again who had approached the High Court after the exam and said that their time was wasted. Many students did not go to the High Court. No one knows that grace marks are given later. This has never happened before. And an 18-year-old child does not know that after writing the paper he will have to go to the High Court. So I think the right to equality is being violated here.

Third point- The issue of NEET paper leak is still open. Hearing on this will continue. Today in the Supreme Court, the judges themselves said that suppose counseling has been done, suppose admission has also been done and then if something is proved, then we have full power to return everything.

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