NEET 2024 cancellation certain? 'Strong' evidence of paper leak, 68 questions match the burnt paper

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Breaking News NEET Exam: Again, NEET 2024 exam is conducted for students with grace marks. Well The date of July 6 has also been given for counseling (MCC Counseling 2024). But the clouds of crisis have not yet cleared. Because NEET UG Exam 2024 has not yet got a clean chit. On the contrary, the kind of evidence that is coming out one after the other in the NEET paper leak is increasing the concern. The possibility of cancellation of NEET exam is increasing. The latest evidence of NEET paper leak found in Bihar has increased the possibility of NEET cancellation for all students.

68 questions of the burnt paper matched with NEET Question Paper 2024

After its investigation, the Economic Offences Unit (EOU) of the Bihar government has told the central government that the paper has been leaked. The EOU has matched 68 questions from the recovered burnt copies with the original NEET question paper. Both the questions and the serial numbers of the question paper have been found to be the same.

The Bihar government claims that the NEET UG exam paper was leaked. The EOU report is behind this claim. According to the report, the EOU has recovered 68 questions from the burnt copies, which exactly match the original question paper. Not only this, the serial numbers of these questions also match the original question paper. This report was submitted to the Ministry of Education, after which the ministry decided to hand over the investigation of the case to the CBI.

Though the burnt copies were found on May 5 itself, when the suspected candidates were arrested, sources said the NTA did not share the information with the state government initially. The agency showed reluctance in sharing the NEET papers. This led to a delay in matching the papers by the EOU.

Evidence of NEET paper leak

A unique code of the exam centre was also found on a piece of paper in one of the burnt answer sheets recovered from the house of the candidates arrested by the Bihar Police. The EOU report said that the code belonged to Oasis School, a CBSE school located in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. It was also a NEET exam centre designated by the NTA.

Sources said when the team visited the school and picked up all the envelopes and boxes containing question papers, it found that one envelope was cut from the other end. All tamper-proof envelopes carrying question papers are always opened by tearing or cutting them from a designated highlighted area. All exam staff are trained for this. But one envelope in particular was opened from the wrong end. Oasis School principal Ehsanul Haque said the paper might have been leaked “much before” the packets reached the school.

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