NDA 'lost' its victory, India 'won' even after losing, what were the issues of both in the Lok Sabha elections?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: In this general election, the picture became clear on the issues of NDA vs Bharat Gathbandhan. Both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi stuck to their stand throughout the election. Somewhere Narendra Modi got success, somewhere Rahul Gandhi got help in stopping the unstoppable chariot of BJP. Let us know what were the issues of NDA and Bharat Gathbandhan-NDA fought the elections on these issues
1- Those who brought Ram, they must bring him back
The foundation stone of the Ram temple was laid on 22 January this year. This event had a huge impact. Its political impact was also seen at the ground level. The BJP also gave a slogan in the elections, “Those who bring Ram, have to bring them back again.” This time PM Modi himself tried to connect with the public on this issue in election rallies. It had some impact but the final results proved that it was not enough.

2- The one who gave the ration, the vote also goes to him
Modi government's free ration scheme worked in the elections. The widespread impact of free ration has been seen in the last few elections. In this election too, the magic of this scheme worked among the people and somewhere the poor voters showed a sense of gratitude towards Narendra Modi. Congress realized the connection of this scheme with the people late in the middle of the election. In such a situation, the party promised to give ten kg of free ration instead of the five kg free ration of the NDA government in the middle of the election.

3- If the prestige of the country increases then the prestige of the vote also goes to them
In this election, the Narendra Modi-led BJP had to face many challenges. There was resentment against the local MP. At some places, there were vocal questions about the functioning of the Modi government after ten years of rule, but the narrative of Narendra Modi's nationalism neutralized these questions. In this, an attempt was made to counter issues like inflation, unemployment and the message was given that Narendra Modi is the best option right now to get rid of these problems.

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India remained firm on these issues
1- The constitution must be saved

Narendra Modi had given the slogan of crossing 400 this time. Opinion polls seemed to suggest that this was possible, but the India Alliance saw an opportunity in the disaster. They went among the people and said that the BJP needs 400 seats because they want to change the Constitution. This had an impact on the ground. People somehow accepted the opposition's argument that a big win would change the existing system.

2- Caste census
The All India Alliance played the caste census card aggressively. Using this as an excuse, they were successful in wooing the OBCs. They got success in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Although in the middle of the election, Narendra Modi did try to counter the opposition's agenda that the opposition wants to divide the reservation of backward classes among Muslims, but somewhere he got the benefit of constantly sticking to this issue and he was successful in making a dent in the strong OBC vote of the BJP.

3- Jobs for youth, salaries for women
30 lakh government jobs for the youth and 1 lakh rupees annual salary for women, these were two such election promises through which India Alliance made a dent in the youth and women votes of NDA. The entire focus of the opposition was on these two issues. Apart from this, they also publicized decisions like cancelling the Agniveer scheme. They got the benefit of this in the elections.

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