Nawazuddin Siddiqui advised people not to get married, said- there is no need for this in love

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his wife Aaliya's relationship is often in the news and now after many ups and downs, the two have reconciled. Nawazuddin has spoken openly about marriage. Recently, in an interview, Nawaz was asked if he should get married, to which he said after some hesitation, “No.” Talking to Ranveer Allahabadia on YouTube channel, Nawazuddin said, “I want to say but people can take it wrongly… they should not get married.” Expressing his opinion, he said, “What is the need to get married? If you are in love, it can flourish even without marriage. After marriage, people start taking each other lightly.”

Nawaz was advised not to get married

He further said that the love between partners ends after marriage. He said, 'If you are not married to each other, you love each other more. But after marriage it starts decreasing. Children come, many things happen. If you love someone and want to continue loving them, then do not get married.'

Nawaz said- giving happiness after marriage is a job

Nawaz said that society prepares us for marriage at the age of 20 and hence we think that it will make us happy. He said, 'We think that our love, our wife will keep us happy but after some time, only your work gives you happiness.'

Aaliya and Nawaz celebrated their 14th anniversary

Nawaz and his wife Aaliya got back together in March after spending some time apart. Aaliya had earlier claimed that she had filed for divorce a few years ago. The couple celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary together. And soon after, Aaliya told ETimes that they have now resolved their differences. She said that the problems in their marriage started because of a third person but now they have resolved the issues.

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