Naseeruddin Shah's blunt words: Muslims must rise above hijab and the length of Sania Mirza's skirt

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Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah often expresses his opinion on popular issues without any hesitation. Be it the film industry or the country, he is not one to keep quiet. In an interview, he has said a lot about the Muslims of the country and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Which is being discussed a lot now. The actor says that Muslims need to focus on studies instead of worrying about hijab and Sania Mirza's skirt. In an interview to journalist Karan Thapar, Naseeruddin Shah said that he would like to see Prime Minister Modi wearing an Islamic cap someday. He called it a hint and said that this will send a message to Muslims that Modi has no enmity with them. He further said that if he is able to convince Muslims for this, then it will be very helpful for him.

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Naseeruddin Shah said this about Prime Minister Modi

Naseeruddin Shah said, 'Modi has been saying incomprehensible things for the last several years. If the Prime Minister believes that he has been sent by God or he himself is God, then everyone should be afraid of this.' The actor said that PM Modi had assumed that he would be the Prime Minister for life, but now he will have to share power, which will be a bitter thing for him.

Naseeruddin Shah was happy when BJP lost majority

Naseeruddin Shah further said that when he came to know that BJP has lost its majority and its position in the Lok Sabha is the worst in 10 years, his first reaction was to celebrate. Also, when asked if it will be easy or difficult for PM Modi to transform from the old Modi to the new Modi, the actor replied that it can be a very difficult task for the Prime Minister, 'He is not that good an actor. His smile and crocodile tears never impressed me… He cannot act to become the new Modi.'

Naseeruddin Shah made this appeal to Muslims

Naseeruddin Shah stressed on issues related to brotherhood in the Muslim community and said, 'Muslims should worry about education and new ideas instead of madrassas. It is very easy to oppose Modi. The truth is that there was a lot wrong in this country even before Modi came to power. There has always been a feeling of enmity between religions in our country.'

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