'Nagarjuna this is shameful!' People got angry at the South actor, said after watching the video- I am very angry

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'Nagarjuna this is shameful!' People got angry at the South actor, said after watching the video- I am very angry

South star Nagarjuna also has a strong fan following in the Hindi belt. He was seen at the Mumbai airport with actor Dhanush, where the actor's bodyguard misbehaved with an elderly and disabled fan and pushed him. As soon as this video went viral on the internet, both Nagarjuna and Dhanush started getting criticized. After this, an apology has been issued by Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna's video is going viral on social media. In this, he is walking ahead. Dhanush is seen behind him holding his son's hand. Bodyguards are present nearby for the safety of both the stars.

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Nagarjuna's bodyguard pushed him!

Then an old and disabled person comes very close to Nagarjuna to take a photo with him. Seeing this, Nagarjuna's bodyguard catches him and pushes him to the other side. He pushes the old man so hard that he falls on the ground, but another person standing there catches him.

Along with Nagarjuna, Dhanush is also being criticized!

Nagarjuna fan video

Nagarjuna is being spit upon

While all this was happening, Nagarjuna did not even bother to look back once to check on the old man. He was behaving as if he had not seen anything, while Dhanush who was walking behind him saw everything but he also did not stop. Fans did not expect this from both the big stars. This is the reason why they are being criticized a lot on social media.

Apologized when the matter escalated

Nagarjuna later apologised for the incident on micro-blogging platform X. Sharing the video in a tweet, he said, “I just got to know about this… This shouldn't have happened!! I apologise to the gentleman and will take necessary precautions to prevent this from happening in the future!!!”

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