My whole body was burnt, flesh was peeled off- Nana Patekar narrated the horrifying incident from the set of 'Parinda'

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Nana Patekar is counted among the best actors of Indian cinema. In his career so far, he has given many great films and played memorable characters. Nana Patekar completely immerses himself in his character to bring it alive. Because of this, he had to face difficulties many times. Once Nana Patekar was badly burnt on the set of the film 'Parinda', due to which he had to stay at home for a year. He was stabbed with a knife during the shooting of 'Salaam Bombay'. Nana Patekar told about that hair-raising incident in a recent interview. People still remember Nana Patekar for films like 'Krantiveer', 'Salaam Bombay' and 'Parinda'. But very few people would know that many scenes in it were real. His beard, eyelashes and even skin were burnt in the fire, due to which he could not work for a year.

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When the digital fire did not start, a real fire was lit and Nana Patekar was burnt

Nana Patekar played the character of Anna in 'Parinda', in which people liked him very much. Earlier Jackie Shroff was going to play this character. In the climax scene of the film, Nana Patekar's character was to be shown burning. Since there was no digital fire at that time, director Vidhu Vinod Chopra arranged for real fire on the set. But Nana Patekar really got burnt in this fire and remained bedridden for months.

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'My whole body was burnt, even my flesh was peeled off'

Nana Patekar told 'The Lallantop' about this, 'That scene of 'Parinda' where my body catches fire, my whole body was really engulfed in fire. I was hospitalized for two months. My flesh was also peeled off. Everything was burnt. Beard, moustache, eyelashes, everything was burnt. I remained like that for six months. That was a big accident. Everything was burnt.'


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'It was an accident, Vidhu Vinod did not want to burn me'

Nana Patekar further said, 'It was not a risk that I took, it was an accident. How long does it take you to burn? It hardly takes five seconds. In those five seconds, everything I pointed to was burnt. In the first take we poured three buckets, in the second we poured 14 buckets. The fire was very intense. It was an accident. It was not that Vidhu Vinod Chopra wanted to burn me.'

In 'Salaam Bombay' a man was actually stabbed in the stomach, everyone thought he was acting

Nana Patekar told a similar incident from the film 'Salaam Bombay', in which he was really stabbed. Whereas, everyone present on the set thought that the scene was going on. Nana Patekar said, 'Do you remember the scene in which a boy comes and stabs me? For that scene, they had tied a tyre around my waist, but the force with which that boy attacked me, the knife really hit me and I was covered in blood. They thought, 'What acting!' Such accidents keep happening.'

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