'Munnabhaiya will return in Mirzapur 4', fans used their brain and gave an amazing theory

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'Munnabhaiya will return in Mirzapur 4', fans used their brain and gave an amazing theory

People waited for Mirzapur 3 for almost 4 years and when the audience's favorite web series was released last week, people felt cheated. While the last two seasons were a huge hit, this time the third series seemed quite dull to the people. People were so excited for this season that many people watched all ten episodes in one go. The audience also remained loyal and they also liked the characters of Kaleen Bhaiya and Guddu Pandit a lot. But this time people's love could not be expressed on the web series. The only regret was about Munna Bhaiya, because he died at the beginning of the season.

People liked the characters of Rasika Duggal and Shweta Tripathi and at the same time many people did not like the changed style of both of them. Most people are worried about Kaleen Bhaiya's elder son Munna Bhaiya, but it seems people have found a solution to this.

The season begins with her funeral

Actually, Divyendu i.e. Munna Bhaiya won the hearts of the people with his unique style despite being a dangerous character in the first two seasons. He was a goon but watching him was like a treat for the audience. However, in the last episode of season 2, his character is shot by Guddu Pandit and this season begins with his funeral and this is where the audience is seen getting heartbroken.

The way is clear for the actor's return in 'Mirzapur 4'

The audience believes that this year's season has been a flop due to Munna Bhaiya's death. Now people have started giving some advice about 'Mirzapur 3's Munna Bhaiya. Along with this, they have also shown the way for the actor's return in 'Mirzapur 4'. In the comment section of a paparazzi post, people have expressed disappointment over Munna Bhaiya's death and wrote, 'It seems Mirzapur Season 3 also died along with Munna.'

'Munna Bhaiya kept his lookalike'

Another fan has written, 'He used to say Amar Hoon Hum, ruined season 3 by killing him.' Many people have also suggested ways to bring Munna Bhaiya back in Mirzapur season 4. Like a social media user said, 'Kaaleen Bhaiya's third wife and their first child will come as Munna Bhaiya in season 4.' At the same time, another has said – what if Munna Bhaiya kept his lookalike and entered season 4?

“I will come again, right now he is in Beena ji's lap”

While another fan said, 'He will come again, he is currently in Bina ji's lap.' Another internet user said – This is a body double, Munna is returning in season 4.

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