'Munjya' hero Abhay Verma used to work for 800 rupees per day, told whom he loves

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'Munjya' hero Abhay Verma used to work for 800 rupees per day, told whom he loves

Abhay Verma, who started his career with small roles, has also worked in many ad films. Abhay, who came to Mumbai from Panipat, was seen in series like 'Family Man'. After the challenging role of a transgender in 'Safed', these days he is being liked in the role of Bittu in 'Munjya'. Conversation with him.

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I love my mother very much

After his film Safed, in 'Munjya' too Abhay is playing a character who does a lot for love. Defining love, he says, 'Where there is love, the most valuable thing is concern. I feel, where there is no concern, there is no love. I cannot relate myself to today's love, instant love. I believe in spiritual love. For me, love is above physicality and in today's era, love ends after reaching the body. The spirituality and soulfulness that should be there in love, seems to be missing these days. Humanly, passionate love is yet to come in my life. But I love my mother to the extent of passion. I also have a crazy love for cinema.'

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I didn’t have the money to go to acting school.

Talking about his background and passion for acting, he says, 'I am from a small town of Panipat in Haryana. I always wanted to act. But our financial condition was not such that I could get admission in any acting school or institute. For me, the first school of acting was my life. Talking about films, the journey from megastar Bachchan sahab's 'Saat Hindustani' to 'Kalki 2898 AD' was a training process for me. I kept learning from Paresh Rawal sahab's acting.'

'I used to stand in line for Rs 800'

Abhay Verma in white film

Abhay Varma in the movie 'White'

Abhay further said, 'I started my career with small roles. I used to be a junior artist in 'Super 30' and you know that on the set, the junior artist gets his daily wages last, so when I used to stand in that line to get my wages of Rs 800 per day, even then I am not talking about anything big, I used to think in my mind that Abhay you are standing in the line right now, but you are not here for this. You have come to do something big in the industry. I have also faced a lot of rejections, but I had decided that from the opportunities I have got, I will choose something in which I can shine with my hard work. I started working with ad films and then I got a good role in 'Family Man', then I became a transgender in white clothes. I waited for a whole year for the role of 'Munjya'.

Abhay talked about different characters in films

In his previous film 'Safed', Abhay played a transgender, while in 'Munjya' he plays a modern boy who fights ghosts. Talking about the change in his roles, he says, “I have played the transgender character in 'Safed' with the same intensity. Although when that role came to me, many people refused, I was also a little hesitant, but when I did that role, I put my heart and soul into it. I am proud of that role. We all enjoyed 'Munjya' a lot. As far as the change is concerned, Bittu is a cute, innocent character, different from the eunuch character in 'Safed', which I really enjoyed playing.”

We were all scared at three in the morning.

Abhay Verma

Abhay Varma in 'Munjya'

A strange thing used to happen on the set of 'Munjya'. We were all shooting. At night, we were sleeping after completing the shooting. The next day when we all woke up in the morning, there was a discussion at the breakfast table that my eyes opened at three in the night and when I told this to everyone, Sharvari (film's heroine Sharvari Wagh) and Mona ma'am (Mona Singh) also told that their eyes also opened at three and they also felt something strange and scary. Then two-three more people present on the set told about their experience of opening their eyes at three in the night and feeling something different.

Manoj sir said I should have faith in myself

Sharing his experience with Manoj Bajpayee in 'Family Man', he says, 'As we all know, he is an institution of acting for all of us. The biggest thing in acting is to make your co-star feel comfortable. Manoj ji is a very big veteran actor. The day I started shooting on the sets of 'Family Man', the way a big actor like him made me feel comfortable on the set was a big thing. I consider myself very lucky that I started my career with him. He creates such a comfort zone on the set that the actor in front is also able to perform. He convinced me that I should have faith in myself and my character.'

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