Mukesh Khanna replied to those who called Sonakshi-Zaheer's marriage 'love jihad'

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Mukesh Khanna replied to those who called Sonakshi-Zaheer's marriage 'love jihad'

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal got married last month and their wedding created quite a buzz on social media. However, when Sonakshi shared the wedding pictures, she faced a lot of negativity from netizens, with some even linking her marriage to 'love jihad'. Now, actor Mukesh Khanna, best known for his roles in 'Shaktimaan' and Bhishma Pitamah in BR Chopra's 'Mahabharata', has reacted to the controversy surrounding his wedding and said that the marriage should not be seen through a Hindu-Muslim prism.

In an interview to 'Filmi Charcha', Mukesh Khanna responded to the criticism by saying, 'Don't look at Sonakshi and Zaheer's marriage from a Hindu-Muslim perspective. What Sonakshi did was not a sudden decision. They were together for 6-7 years before marriage. People are calling it love jihad. Love jihad happens when a girl is forced to marry.'

What did Mukesh Khanna say on Sonakshi-Zaheer's marriage?

Mukesh further said, 'Can't Hindus and Muslims marry? Many people did it in our time and they are happy. This wedding is a family affair for them.' Shatrughan Sinha first said that he was not aware of Sonakshi-Zaheer's wedding, but later said that he would attend it. Those who made negative comments were silenced by Shatrughan by saying 'Khamosh'.

What did Shatrughan Sinha say about Luv not coming to Sonakshi's wedding?

In an interview to Times Now, Shatrughan Sinha said on the constant discussions on the marriage that he has seen many big problems in his life. This is nothing in comparison to that. On the marriage between two different communities, he said that they too are like any other family where a marriage is taking place. On his son Luv not coming to the wedding, he said that this is a family matter. There are differences in everyone's family. Some disagree and some argue. But they are all a family and no one can break them. He also said that he will not tolerate such attacks on the family. This is not the first time that someone has married in another religion. He also said that Zaheer will keep his daughter happy. He is completely sure of this.

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