Mukesh Ambani's elder son and daughter-in-law are like Ram-Sita, everyone asks God for such a partner

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Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding functions are being celebrated in the city of Mumbai. Along with beautiful faces, the beauty of relationships is also being seen here. Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani's elder son Akash and Shloka Mehta's pair is in the news. Along with fulfilling the responsibility of the eldest son and daughter-in-law of the house, both of them also maintain their relationship beautifully.

Even in the wedding function, seeing the bonding and chemistry between Akash and Shloka, no one will hesitate to praise their relationship. An example of which was also seen in the recent Mameru ceremony. Indeed, the small moments of the couple taught a great lesson about relationships, seeing them anyone will feel that a partner must have these qualities, so we are telling you the qualities of this beautiful couple. (Photo courtesy: Yogen Shah)

love even after so many years of marriage

On March 9, Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta completed 5 years of marriage. Even after having a son, their love is the same as before. Even today, the importance of the couple for each other has not diminished. The strength of the relationship is increasing due to caring and sharing. Even today, both know how to respect each other's feelings very well.

Take care of your personal space too

A relationship that gives importance to personal space is always healthy. The same thing is seen in the relationship of Akash and Shloka. It is not necessary that both of them sit together in a family function, rather both of them fulfill their responsibilities separately. This thing was also seen in the video of the Mameru function.

Learn to value relationships

Learn to value relationships

Akash and Shloka understand the importance of not just personal space but also relationships. This is why Akash's sister Isha was sitting next to him at the Mameru ceremony and not Shloka. This may seem like a small thing but if you understand its meaning, it is very important for relationships. Shloka never interferes in the relationship between brother and sister.

Beautiful couple of Ambani family

Taking care of a child together

Taking care of a child together

Apart from the responsibilities of home and relationships, if we talk about the responsibility of the child, then here also both of them prove to be a perfect couple. Both support each other in taking care of the child. Taking responsibility of the son is not just the work of Akash and Shloka, but it is a mutual understanding between the two. They do not need to tell each other anything. This is what every couple wants.

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